'Survivor' Castaway Aubry Finds Advantage She Was Voted Out With Before Playing

The players sitting on the Edge of Extinction beach received a bottle with a clue in it this week. While they all searched the island looking for what the clue was leading them to, Aubry Bracco made it clear she wasn't interested in working with everyone else and wanted the advantage to herself.

Bracco was able to figure out what the clue meant and took a step back to discover a hole in the rock wall near the steps where she found a message leading her to the advantage. Aubry received the opportunity to practice before the next competition.

In addition to the practice advantage, Aubry also discovered a parchment in her bag which explained she had received the chance to gift someone still in the game with an extra vote. Aubry got to decide who the vote would go to, but they would never know she gave it to them.

As those who have been watching Season 38 from the beginning know, and as The Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, Aubry made the embarrassing mistake no player ever wants to make by getting voted out with an immunity idol tucked in your pocket. Making this worse for Aubry, she also had a game advantage tucked in her pocket as Devens had previously gifted her an extra vote.

While Aubry did lose her idol and her extra vote when she was voted out – and Jeff Probst later reassured viewers during an interview that the idol and advantage were dead – Bracco was given another chance.

The episode did not dedicate any screen time to Aubry debating on who she would give her vote to, but it was later revealed that Aurora – in addition to winning the immunity challenge – was gifted the advantage of an extra vote.

Aurora revealed that she would rather hold onto the vote a little longer and vote with the numbers during this week's tribal council.

Aubry Bracco on the seventh episode of SURVIVOR
CBS Entertainment | Robert Voets

Aurora was in an alliance with Joe who was blindsided during last week's episode, so she expressed excitement and relief during her confessional as things had really turned around for her game after feeling in the dark when they returned from tribal council.

Aubry was excited to score the opportunity to practice before the next battle back challenge as she was itching to get revenge on her tribemates that blindsided her a few episodes ago.

This week's episode of Survivor is currently available for streaming via the CBS app with new episodes airing every Wednesday night.