What Happens To ‘Survivor’ Castaway Aubry Bracco’s Idol & Advantage?

This week’s episode of Survivor left fans with a lot of questions regarding what happens if someone exits the show with an idol or advantage tucked in their pocket.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

As those who tuned in to this week’s episode of Survivor know, Aubry Bracco – as one of the four returning castaways this season – made a mistake no castaway ever wants to make. Unaware her game was in jeopardy, she was evicted with both an immunity idol and an advantage tucked away in her pocket.

Bracco had the opportunity to save herself and send someone else packing if she had only pulled that immunity idol out of her pocket and played it to protect herself. Moreover, she also had the opportunity to cast a second vote to help ensure the person she wanted to go home actually went home instead.

Unfortunately for Aubry, Victoria played a very good game of convincing her that she was all-in for a female alliance and wanted to work together to evict one of the boys. What Aubry didn’t know was the plan for a female alliance to evict a boy was something Victoria had cooked up with the boys as a way to make Aubry feel secure enough to not try to do anything to save herself.

After Aubry left the game, many fans of the show quickly took to Twitter to question what happens when someone exits the show with an immunity idol and an advantage in their pocket.

This season presents a bit of a unique situation which caused the question to come up, as Aubry was voted out, but she is not technically out of the game just yet. When Aubry was voted out of the game, she made the decision to go to the Edge of Extinction for a chance to get back into the game.

So, this caused many to wonder what would happen if Aubry came back into the game after getting voted out. Would she get to keep her immunity idol and advantage to use them? Or, did they leave the game when she did?

Fortunately for those itching for answers, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Jeff Probst after the episode aired to find out what happens if Aubry comes back into the game.

“Nope. Both of them are done. Bye-bye. El gonzo,” Jeff said as he explained Aubry lost her chance to use them when she got voted out with them in her pocket.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air every Wednesday night on CBS.

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