Spoilers For Next Week On ‘The Young And The Restless’: Lola Pulls Out All The Stops To Win Kyle Back

Johnny VyCBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers video for next week shows some shocking outcomes in Genoa City when Billy fights for the life he wants, Mia doubles over in pain, and Lola tries to give herself to a very married Kyle.

Mia (Noemi Gonzalez) yells some incredibly rude things to Sharon (Sharon Case) about how boring she is, and then Mia ends up doubling over in pain. Sharon calls Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) and rushes Mia to the hospital. Mia instantly wants Sharon out of the room. When the doctor insists on an ultrasound, Mia tries to get out of it, but she ends up having one. Shockingly to Mia, there is a baby on the screen. Mia asks Rey to leave, and then she tells the doctor she hadn’t even been sure she was pregnant. The doctor lets Mia know that she and the baby are doing well and she’s about 12 weeks along.

In Vegas, Billy (Jason Thompson) pushes Victoria (Amelia Heinle) hard to recommit to him. She isn’t interested at all, and she tells him the numerous reasons why. He’s hurt her and disappointed her so many times before. Eventually, though, Billy ends up kissing Victoria, and they make out for a while. However, Brandon (Mitch Eakins) texts her, which interrupts the moment. Brandon mentions a high stakes poker game and asks if Victor (Eric Braeden) will show up. Victoria tells Billy that Victor is up to something, and The Inquisitr revealed “The Mustache” has a big secret.

Being in Vegas is undoubtedly tricky for Billy. Plus, finding out about a big poker game may end up causing Billy even more problems if he’s tempted to join in and fall back into his gambling ways.

Finally, Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Lola (Sasha Calle) have a meal together at the Club. After all these months of refusing to move further in her relationship with Kyle because of her virginity, Lola is hot to trot. Kyle is married to Summer (Hunter King), and he’s performing his husbandly duties. That doesn’t deter Lola though.

When she was attacked, she was on her way to make up with Kyle, and when she woke up from her surgery, Kyle was married. Lola absolutely wants a do-over, and she thinks that enticing Kyle upstairs to a suite will be the thing that wins him over. It may be quite difficult for Kyle to stay true to the vows he recently made to Summer after Lola’s indecent proposal.