Xbox 360 Laptop Mod Gives Props To Original Xbox 360 Design

Ben Heck isn’t the only person who can take an Xbox 360, hack it into pieces and then put it back together with a new look that makes us wonder why Microsoft hasn’t hired him to do their design work, now a member of Bens forums has released their own Mod and it looks SWEEET!

The new Xbox 360 laptop features a red and black color scheme with a huge giant X on the top of the lid, a throwback gesture to the original Xbox release. The laptop is then powered by five fans which give a “wind tunnel” sound to the unit, another aspect “enjoyed’ by Xbox 360 users.

Engadget says the creator even followed thier how to guide for modding the Xbox 360, whatever guide they followed one thing is for certain, it actually looks like a really professional portable version of the system.

Here’s a few more images of the Xbox 360 Mod: