Korean Social Media Star DJ Soda Shows Off Her Curves At Ultra Music Festival

Theodore KayeGetty Images for Hong Kong Tourism Board

It’s not just her party-pumping beats that have made DJ Soda an international sensation. This week, the Korean musician and social media star grabbed the attention of fans as she showed off her curves in a bodysuit as she prepared to rock the Ultra Music Festival.

The DJ and model shared a picture of herself rocking a form-fitting body suit at the electronic dance music festival, which was held in Miami. The Instagram picture has earned a huge response from her 2.8 million followers, with tens of thousands of likes and plenty of supportive comments.

“Babe you are killer machine!” one fan wrote.

“Absolutely stunning” another commented.

While she has been a fixture on the Korean music scene for quite a while, DJ Soda has garnered increasing attention across the globe for her music and her social media presence. She was tapped as one of the top 10 Korean influencers on Instagram by the magazine Be, which noted that she rose to fame as a DJ in a country where pop bands usually rule the scene.

“Even with a low demand of DJs in South Korea, DJ Soda definitely made her mark in the party scene with almost 2 million followers on Instagram,” the magazine noted. “Her career has since soared after her international events made her a face to remember.”

DJ Soda, whose real name is Hwang So-hee, said she has been a music lover since middle school when she started listening to hip-hop music. She told HypeBae that she had once dreamed of becoming a music therapist, but her love of hip-hop music eventually led her to DJing. DJ Soda worked her way up through the South Korean music scene, first playing in small clubs before landing gigs at famous Gangnam clubs.

“It wasn’t until I’ve DJed for three years that I fully committed to this hobby,” she told the magazine.

The hobby has now turned into a booming career, allowing DJ Soda to share her experiences with her ever-growing social media audience. DJ Soda told HypeBae that as she travels the globe, she tries to take in new experiences and share those with her fans.

“I am very grateful to each and every fan who supports me online. Whenever I travel to other places, I’d create a tour video capturing moments of myself wearing the traditional attire, eating the local food and visiting the attractions of the country,” she said.

Fans who want to see more of DJ Soda’s travels can find all the adventures on her Instagram page.