Theresa Caputo Is All Smiles Following Ex-Husband Larry’s Confession Their Reality Show Destroyed His Life

Theresa Caputo Instagram

Though renowned medium Theresa Caputo may have been bothered by her ex-husband Larry’s confession that their reality show ruined his life and their marriage, she isn’t showing it. The reality starlet took to Instagram to share a snap of herself and her cousin, and Theresa was all smiles for the photo.

In the shot, Theresa and her cousin, Lisa, stood in front of a plush, bright-white chair. Theresa shared that two of her favorite things were in the photo, both her cousin and the funky-looking piece of furniture, and had a wide smile plastered on her face — a look that has become familiar to her wide fan base these days.

Theresa wore a baggy, long-sleeved shirt in black, and a pair of matching skinny jeans. She wore her hair in her signature, high bouffant, pulled together in the back with the loose ends curled in large, bouncy waves. She wore heavy sweeps of bronzer to accentuate her features, and a dramatic layer of black mascara to make her eyes pop.

For accessories, the medium chose a pair of oversized diamond studs and decked her hands out with several chunky rings. The two women snuggled up together on the cozy-looking chair, looking radiant as they enjoyed their “girls day out.”

Earlier this week, Theresa’s ex-husband told Radar Online that the long-standing reality show that he participated in alongside his ex-wife “destroyed” his life. He said that being in front of the cameras and having a production crew follow seemingly regular people around can put them quickly in the public eye, and a “strain” on their personal life — which he confessed was the case between himself and Theresa.

“That can be hard for the average person who is not a trained actor, because a trained actor knows what they’re getting themselves into. A reality person doesn’t realize what they’re getting themselves into, until they’re in it, and it’s a learning process.”

Larry further shared that the producers of Long Island Medium have requested that he return to the show, which is currently in production, though he’s unsure of what the future holds for him. He also added that the “die-hard” fans are in distress over Theresa and Larry’s divorce — which was finalized around Christmas of last year, and that seeing them apart is upsetting for their devotees who had hoped things would work out for the duo who were married for 28 years.

Theresa has been consistently updating her fan-base about the current season of the beloved reality series and has been showing off some behind-the-scenes shots on social media, including a medium reading with fellow reality star Kim Kardashian, which she shared on Instagram.

As for Larry, he would consider a solo project, if it was presented the right way, though he added that it seems to him that those who participate in reality shows don’t always have a happy ending.