Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jason Makes Demands To Sam About Shiloh And Kristina Goes Too Far

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode reveal that everybody in Port Charles will get back to their regular routines after a special scavenger hunt to honor Gail Baldwin. Tuesday’s show was an emotional one that brought forth plenty of special moments, but the April 3 show brings progress on many other ongoing story lines.

Jason was highly agitated when he saw Shiloh trying to bond with Danny, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this will bring forth a difficult conversation with Sam. Jason doesn’t necessarily like Sam’s plan to get close to Shiloh in order to protect Kristina, but he’s accepted that she’s determined to follow through on it.

However, General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will try to make it clear to Sam that Danny is off-limits when it comes to these shenanigans with Shiloh. Viewers will have to tune in to see how Sam reacts, but fans will be hoping the two can share some romantic and positive moments during this brief time together, too.

SheKnows Soaps details that Sam and Jason will have just a moment or two alone, as she will be anxious about not being caught. Sam has managed to maintain her cover when it comes to feigning interest in Shiloh and Dawn of Day, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she may soon face tough questions on this front. Next week, Molly will confront Sam, and it may be that Molly picks up on something not seemingly quite right in these relationships.

As Sam and Jason continue their quest to take down Shiloh, Kristina falls more deeply for the DOD leader’s manipulations. The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show reveals that Shiloh and Kristina will talk about her determination to become one of the core DOD members and he’ll caution her that there’s no turning back once she takes that step.

Kristina did record her trust offering for Shiloh, and General Hospital spoilers have hinted that this will lead to a betrayal of her mother, Alexis. Krissy is said to cross a line of sorts during the next episode, and it looks like it’ll be related to this trust offering and her commitment to Shiloh.

How long will it take to expose Shiloh for the manipulator he is? Soap Central teases that some big twists and turns are on the way, with Harmony popping up again, someone warning Willow, and Chase doing his best to protect his gal.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy developments on the way, and the action continues during the episode airing on Wednesday, April 3.