Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Questions Alexis, Epiphany Supports Liz & Lucy Gushes Over Kevin

Craig SjodinABC

Spoilers detail that Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will be a special one. The show is honoring both actress Susan Brown, who played Gail Baldwin, as well as the soap’s 56th anniversary, and teasers hint that there are some fun moments ahead for viewers.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, the bulk of the April 2 show will revolve around Alexis sharing the details of Gail’s will. She had previously talked with a small group of Gail’s loved ones and revealed that there were some unusual stipulations in the will. Tuesday’s episode is where she shares the details.

The preview teases that Alexis will have her hands full as she reveals the specifics from Gail’s will. General Hospital spoilers indicate that some unexpected Port Charles residents will be pulled into this and the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shares some hints.

Alexis is in charge of this gathering and she joked during Monday’s show about how it would be a big crowd. For some reason, Julian will be involved, and the preview for the episode shows that he’s got questions for Alexis. Julian will be wondering why he’s there when Alexis is the one running the show, and it looks like Alexis halts as she prepares a snippy retort of some sort.

General Hospital spoilers show that Epiphany will pop up and talk with Elizabeth about how the two of them are a team, and teasers have noted that Liz will also reach out to Bobbie in hopes that she can lend some assistance of some sort. Viewers will see some of Franco, too, as SheKnows Soaps indicates that he’ll be feeling curious about something.

Maxie will also be pulled into this Gail-related adventure, and General Hospital spoilers show that Mac will do his best to encourage her. Fans will see a hug shared between Felicia and Bobbie, while Scott receives an emotional message in the midst of this.

During Monday’s show, Lucy rushed to be by Kevin’s side, as he faced his first court appearance. General Hospital spoilers tease that Lucy will continue to be a bit over-the-top when it comes to lavishing Kevin with attention, and Laura will watch some of this play out from nearby. Lucy might think she’s got a prime opportunity here to rebuild her connection to Kevin, but she also might be underestimating Laura.

It looks like this April 2 episode will be a great one for longtime fans, but it’ll incorporate plenty of action for newer viewers. General Hospital spoilers haven’t detailed much about the stipulations of Gail’s will yet, but this is said to kick off a wild ride for many central characters currently on the canvas.