‘The Young And The Restless’ Actress Alice Hunter Reflects On Her Run As Kerry

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

The Young and the Restless actress, Alice Hunter, revealed that yesterday was her final episode with the show, and she had lots of thoughts on how things ended.

The actress took to Twitter after her final appearance aired and shared some thoughts. Hunter said she never took her time on the number one rated CBS daytime drama for granted. She felt incredibly grateful to be able to use her real accent at the end when everything came out that Kerry was really Dominique Carroll. Many viewers were shocked to hear such a different sounding voice from the women they were so used to knowing on screen as Kerry, but it certainly solidified her as somebody else entirely.

Hunter retweeted a reaction to her exit storyline and wrote, “I canNOT with Twitter reactions today, I’m laughing so hard if you’ve ever had a theory about Kerry and her intentions, at some point you were probably right. But they let me go out with a bang, and I’ll always be grateful for that *sips all the wine*.”

Of course, over Hunter’s tenure as Kerry, fans have had lots of theories, and many do not buy that she was freezing her eggs in an earlier storyline that nearly caused her and Jack (Peter Bergman) to break up.

From the beginning, Kerry kept secrets, but nobody predicted that she was working for Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to exact further revenge on Jack. Of course, Jack wondered if Kerry’s romance with him was all part of the plan, but The Inquisitr reported that Kerry revealed all her feelings were real. She even asked Jack to run away with her to Paris before everything ended, but Jack declined and stayed on to become Jabot’s CEO where he plans to save his father’s legacy from Ashley’s unexpected sabotage.

With the demise of Kerry turned Dominique, Jack is once again left alone, but The Inquisitr reported that he and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) reconnect later this week. However, that may not mean romantically. These two have experienced a lot together, but Phyllis and Billy’s (Jason Thompson) relationship may have wholly killed things for Phyllis and Jack. Plus, Phyllis told Summer (Hunter King) that none of the Abbotts are trustworthy. At a minimum, though, Jack and Phyllis’ children are married, so they’re connected by that.

As for mourning his loss of Kerry, Jack may find himself too busy trying to run Jabot again to process his loss fully.

Hunter appears to have loved her character’s shocking storyline twist, and hopefully, she’ll let fans know what her next projects will be as they happen.