Donald Trump ‘E-Score’ Is A Disaster, Rating System Measuring Celebrity Appeal Shows Trump Is Highly Disliked

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Donald Trump has developed a reputation for being fixated on ratings. According to a Hollywood Reporter count, in Trump’s first 10 months in office alone, he publicly talked about television ratings — either to boast about his own or disparage those of others — 24 times.

Trump also frequently boasts about his job approval poll numbers, even sometimes inflating those numbers to make himself look better, as Inquisitr has documented. In December of last year, Trump publicly bragged about his approval rating just hours after the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush, according to The Washington Post.

But a New York Times exclusive report on Monday revealed one rating that Trump will likely not boast about. The NYT obtained Trump’s “E-Score” data from December, a number compiled by a private research firm widely used in the entertainment industry to evaluate the public appeal of celebrities and other public figures.

According to the E-Poll Market Research site, the E-Score not only measures a celebrity’s appeal, but “tells you why a celebrity is appealing or not.” The E-Score also claims to be “the definitive source used by all media to determine celebrity value.”

The NYT reported that it obtained Trump’s E-Score data from December of 2018, though E-Poll spokesperson Randy Parker told the paper that he “cannot confirm or deny the information you were given.”

Sean Combs poses for a photo.
Raper Sean 'Diddy' Combs ranks slightly ahead of Donald Trump on the E-Score scale.Featured image credit: Roy RochlinGetty Images

According to the NYT report, Trump’s E-Score showed that his “overall strong positive appeal” rated at only 14 percent, while his “strong negative appeal” stood at 39 percent among those surveyed by E-Poll. The terms most frequently used to describe Trump were “aggressive” by 48 percent, “mean” by 38 percent, and “overexpose” by 29 percent. But only between zero and 4 percent of respondents described Trump with positive terms such as “sexy,” “impartial,” or “handsome.”

Trump also received high percentage scores on such negative attributes as “insincere,”and “creepy.”

Forbes Magazine earlier obtained 2018 E-Score ratings for the names on its list of that year’s 100 highest paid celebrities. While Trump ranked 12th on the “highest paid” list, his E-Score placed him 87th among those 100 celebrities — one place behind rapper and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, and nine spots behind the Olsen Twins.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, also struggled with her E-Score, according to the data published by The New York Times, rating an overall strong positive appeal of 12 percent — two points worse than her father — and an overall strong negative appeal of 21 percent. While 32 percent described Ivanka Trump as “attractive,” and 28 percent as “beautiful,” only 2 percent said they could “identify with” her.