Blueberry Pie Oreos Return Was An April Fools’ Joke


It was just a few days ago that popular junk food Instagram influencer CandyHunting took to the social media platform to announce Blueberry Pie Oreos would be returning to grocery store shelves very soon.

Delish was one of many news outlets to pick up the story and report the return of the limited-edition cookies. These blueberry-themed Oreos were available for purchase exclusively at Target back in 2016. A year later, just a handful of small grocery stores within the Independent Grocers Alliance also carried the cookies on their shelves.

The original announcement by CandyHunting on Instagram speculated all major grocery stores would likely carry the limited-edition cookies this time around. But unfortunately for Delish – and the Instagram account’s 141,000 followers – the announcement was bogus.

CandyHunting has since posted a second Instagram post featuring the same photo of the Blueberry Pie Oreos with the words “April Fools” plastered across it. The junk food fanatic also revised the caption of the original announcement to include the words “April Fools” as well.

“Is it Monday yet? It’s midnight on the east coast, so close enough. April Fools!! No, sadly Mondelez does not have plans to bring back Blueberry Pie Oreos,” CandyHunting revealed shortly after midnight on the East Coast in the caption of their April Fools’ post.

According to the people behind the account, they seized an opportunity after someone mysteriously sent them a package of the Blueberry Pie Oreos in the mail recently. CandyHunting did apologize for the prank and assured them the account would go back to being a trustworthy source of junk food-related news tomorrow.

Those who taste-tested and reported their thoughts on the cookies during their release had pretty mixed feelings on whether they liked the blueberry cream mix smashed between two graham crackers.

One Instagram influencer claimed the cookies tasted exactly like blueberry muffins.

Taste testers at PopSugar, on the other hand, were not huge fans of the cookies as they claimed they were unbearably sweet. The media outlet went on to reveal the overwhelming sweetness made it impossible to finish off a whole cookie.

CandyHunting’s Instagram post revealing the news was nothing more than a prank has accumulated over 1,000 likes and nearly 100 comments. While some found humor in the prank, many were having a hard time with learning the cookies would not be making a comeback.

“I don’t understand why u would confuse us like this. It’s not like it was funny. I legitimately was excited to try these.” One follower complained in the comments.

A second chimed in with a remark that the post “ruined my day.”

Many who commented took issue with the original post coming days before April 1, as they believed it would have been more entertaining and less upsetting on April Fools’ Day.