Meghan Markle Reportedly Having Second Baby Shower In The U.K., Despite Backlash Over NYC Extravaganza

Daniel Leal-OlivasGetty Images

Meghan Markle is keeping American traditions alive as she enjoys her first pregnancy, notably enjoying a New York City baby shower that was as glitzy and glam as they come. The bash is believed to have cost around half-a-million dollars, noted The Daily Mail. Celebrity guests included Serena Williams, Amal Clooney, and Misha Nonoo.

And while the baby shower is done and over with, criticism over the events are still lingering in the U.K. press. Reports from Us Weekly suggest that Meghan didn’t receive “a scolding,” but that she was reminded that it’s not the norm in British culture.

At the same time, there are rumors that Meghan is going to be enjoying a second baby shower in London. However, this one is believed to be hosted by Kate Middleton, who is unlikely to step on anyone’s toes by throwing a celebration for her new sister-in-law. The potential guest list includes mom Doria Ragland and Prince Harry, among others.

In addition, Yahoo News noted that royals expert Katie Nicholl said the following.

“You read all the time about Meghan breaking protocol by wearing dark nail polish, Meghan breaking protocol by wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, breaking protocol by wearing black,” Nicholl said.

“She’s not breaking royal protocol. There is no book of royal etiquette. She’s just doing things differently. I don’t think that’s causing huge problems at the palace — if Meghan steps out wearing dark nail polish. I don’t think it’s upsetting anyone.”

And while a lavish baby shower is a bit different than wearing a shade of nail polish, the thinking seems to be that the fuss about protocol might be overstated by the media.

As far as the potential date for the second baby shower goes, it’s anyone’s guess. Cosmopolitan noted that “if it hasn’t happened yet, she’ll be cutting it pretty close to her due date next month.” The event hasn’t been confirmed by anyone, including by the queen’s former spokesman, Dickie Arbiter. Arbiter was one of the loudest critics of the NYC baby shower, who noted that it’s an “American thing that we don’t do here in the U.K.”

Speaking of which, royal baby fever is ramping up with fans excitedly anticipating the day of the baby boy or girl. There’s been plenty of speculation over the gender of the baby. But as usual, the public won’t find out the gender until potentially days after the official birth date. Around that time, their name will also be announced.