Meghan Markle Is Having A Girl, According To British Odds Makers

Chris JacksonGetty Images

The word among the British bookies is that Duchess Meghan is having a girl, and there is a decent chance she will be named after Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Markle is now officially on maternity leave, but the royal baby is expected in the next month.

According to Vanity Fair, royal watchers are heavily speculating about the gender of the royal baby, and what the child will be named. British bookmaker William Hill says the odds of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry having a girl is 8-11, based on recent bets. Some of this was based on the spread at her baby shower, which seemed to favor the color pink with other pastel colors mixed in. This led many to think that the Duchess of Sussex has told her friends that she’s having a daughter.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams says that the company is still taking bets on gender, but many people have moved on to making guesses about baby names.

“We’re still taking bets on gender but it’s quite a random one. Currently as it stands, we are 8-11 a girl, even money a boy. So, you know, the betting is suggesting there’s a great, great chance that it’s a girl.”

The choice of names in the betting pools suggests that the gambling also favors a girl, with the names Diana and Victoria leading the pack. Diana is perhaps an obvious choice, as it would honor Prince Harry’s mother, but Victoria (Queen Victoria was Prince Harry’s great-great-great-grandmother) is at 10-1, which is the same as the name Diana.

But there are also some dark horses in the name game, with Alice and Isabella (both at 12-1 odds), and Alexandra, Elizabeth, and Grace (at 16-1). If the royal baby does end up being a boy, the usual names, Arthur, Edward, Philip, and James are leading the way. The bookmaking houses are also still taking bets on the possibility of twins, which are currently paying out at 10-1 odds.

There are those who believe that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry might buck tradition and go for a name like Spencer, which would also honor Princess Diana, or even perhaps Rose.

Markle is not spending too much time wondering about the pools and is instead planning her royal engagements after her maternity leave ends in October, as noted in a previous report from The Inquisitr.

The Duchess of Sussex has announced that she plans to officially appear at the One Young World seminar, which happens to be in London this year.