‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Kendall Long, ‘Grocery Store Joe’ Amabile Take Europe By Storm On Dreamy Vacation

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Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile developed a great relationship last summer while filming Bachelor in Paradise. They went through a rough patch toward the end of filming, but they’ve been practically inseparable in the months since reuniting. Now they’re on an amazing vacation, and fans are hoping against hope that maybe an engagement is on the way.

As The Inquisitr shared previously, Joe and Kendall reunited shortly after filming Bachelor in Paradise last summer, and last fall, Amabile even revealed he was in the process of moving from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California, to be with Long. The two haven’t spent all that much time together in Los Angeles since then, however, and right now they’re traveling throughout Europe.

Long shared via Instagram that she and Amabile spent St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, hit up a winery in Malibu, and then flew overseas. Their first stop was Paris, France, and the Bachelor in Paradise stars have shared quite a few updates via social media documenting their time together in France.

On Friday, Kendall shared via her Instagram Stories that they were saying goodbye to France and that their next stop would be Amsterdam. The Bachelor fans who follow Joe and his gal on social media know that they frequently document their restaurant visits and do food reviews and they have kept that up throughout their time in Europe.

Kendall recently chatted with Extra about all things Bachelor-related and she shared a few updates on her relationship with Joe. Long said that they are best friends and laugh all the time, and that they have a lot of things in common. The Bachelor in Paradise star added that they are basically still in the “honeymoon phase” and things are clearly going well.

While Joe and Kendall had previously indicated via their social media accounts that they were moving in together, it sounds as if that is actually still a work in progress. Long shared that after the trip to Europe, Amabile has another project he’s doing and they’re hoping sometime within the next couple of months they’ll also manage to find a place for the two of them to share in Los Angeles.

When Kendall was asked if Joe is “The One,” she blushed and said yes. She added that they feel as if they’ve been dating for years now and she’s previously said that they have discussed an engagement.

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Bachelor in Paradise fans would love to see Joe propose to Kendall during this trip to Europe, much like his former Dancing with the Stars partner Jenna Johnson experienced last year with now-fiance Val Chmerkovskiy. However, it sounds as if Long and Amabile aren’t quite to that point in their relationship yet.

Kendall also said she probably wants to have kids within the next couple of years, and she joked about how Joe was probably watching her say that and freaking out. However, Long said she knows Amabile will be a great dad and while she isn’t ready to take that step right this minute, it’s definitely part of the long-term plan.

Will Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile end up getting engaged and married? Bachelor in Paradise stars love these two together and can’t wait to see what comes next for the two of them.