DMX’s ‘Stolen’ Corvette Ride Has Feds Investigating Probation Violation

A recent valet mix-up may wind up causing DMX more legal problems. Unfortunately, he has been accused of driving off in somebody else’s car, which would be a violation of his probation after he was released from prison for tax evasion. While DMX’s team has a version of the story that alleges the rapper did nothing wrong and the rapper got the wrong car as a result of a valet making a mistake, the incident is still being looked into.

So far, DMX’s mistake of driving off in the wrong car is being federally investigated, and the rapper has not been accused of stealing the car, or at least he has not been charged with that type of crime so far. While the car DMX wound up with was reported stolen, the big question is whether or not DMX was driving the car himself, or if he was sitting in the passenger’s seat. If the investigators discover that DMX actually drove the stolen car himself, then he could wind up behind bars again, and he would have some serious legal issues. The rapper’s entourage is backing him up and they insist that he was not driving. DMX doesn’t have a license right now, so if he drives any car himself, he’d wind up violating his probation right away, according to MSN.

The valet mix-up that is causing the potential legal drama for DMX occurred last week. DMX and his crew were eating at a restaurant in Los Angeles. After they were done and it was time to leave, DMX had trouble locating the valet ticket he had been given when he had a valet park his Corvette. So, he spoke with the valet, who recognized who DMX was. The valet also said he remembered what DMX’s car looked like. So, the valet grabbed DMX a Corvette. However, the major issue here was that nobody seemed to realize the Corvette the valet provided to the rapper wasn’t actually DMX’s Corvette. The Corvette the valet gave to DMX was a car that was owned by somebody else.

Once the car was gone from the restaurant, the real car owner learned about what happened, and was of course angry that his car was gone. So, the real car owner called the police and told the cops that his car was stolen. Shortly afterward, the stolen Corvette was discovered at a nightclub just a short drive away, which is where DMX and his crew had gone as their next stop.

According to TMZ, DMX’s attorneys believe that after a judge hears the story about how DMX got the car, prosecutors won’t be too hard on the rapper because DMX wasn’t driving, and he did not believe he was taking somebody else’s car.