Hillary Clinton Will Enter 2020 Race, Predicts Steve Bannon

In an interview broadcast on Wednesday night, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicted that Hillary Clinton will enter the 2020 presidential race, The Hill reports.

Bannon went on CNN to discuss the upcoming presidential election, President Trump, and the general state of American politics. Throughout the interview, the former White House chief strategist argued that Trump is likely to win another term, since no Democrat running has yet managed to demonstrate that they would be able to defeat the sitting president.

"I believe, if you go through the gauntlet this summer, you start the Democratic primary, by the fall of next year if there's not a candidate that's kind of breaking out of the pack and looks like they can take on Trump," Bannon explained his reasoning.

The "number one thing" for the Democrats is "not policy," according to Bannon, but "defeating" his former boss, which is why Hillary Clinton is likely to run for president again.

"I don't see anyone in this field right now taking on Donald Trump," he added.

According to Steve Bannon, unless one of the candidates emerges as the front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will jump in the race, despite the fact that she appears to have indicated that she is not looking to run in 2020.

"Secretary Clinton has said that she's not running, but you know, she's in the bullpen waiting for the call," he said.

The Democrats, according to Steve Bannon, will likely "fall in line with whoever they think can beat Donald Trump."

But as Vox reported, judging by Clinton's recent statements, the former secretary of state seems to have not quite made up her mind yet.

As the publication notes, even if Clinton does not run, she will almost certainly play a role in the 2020 Democratic primary, and she has already met with a number of Democratic presidential candidates. Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, John Hickenlooper, and Joe Biden have all held meetings with the former secretary of state.

While it remains to be seen whether Hillary Clinton will run for president or not, her favorability rating is low -- lower than Donald Trump's. According to Gallup research, the former secretary of state's favorability rating with American adults hit a record low in late 2018, dropping down to only 36 percent.
In comparison, Clinton's 2016 primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, is the most popular sitting senator in the United States, according to a January Morning Consult poll. Sixty-four percent of voters approve of the Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.