‘This Is Us’: Sterling K. Brown Confirms What We All Feared About Randall & Beth Ahead Of Season 3 Finale

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Spoiler alert: This episode includes spoilers from the This Is Us episode “R&B.”

This Is Us fans finally got the full backstory of Randall and Beth (Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Warson), but it’s their future they should be worried about. After the couple’s big blowout paved the way for flashbacks to their first date and wedding, present-day Randall ended up sleeping on a cot in his office in Philly. And with the Season 3 finale set to air next week, it’s a good bet their relationship won’t be all wrapped up in a pretty bow for the long summer hiatus.

In an interview with The Wrap, This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown confirmed fans’ worst fears about Randall and Beth’s future by admitting that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen for them. Brown told the site he is “as terrified as anybody else” for the couple as they weather this massive breakdown in their 20-year relationship.

“As an African-American, I love the representation of Black love on network television. Like, it’s something we don’t get to see that often. And Randall and Beth, that relationship moves so much for so many people, that to see them struggle, it really does cause the heart to weep.”

One thing Brown did promise is that viewers will know where things stand for Randall and Beth by the end of next week’s episode, the Season 3 finale.

“By next week, you will know definitively what the status of their relationship is. So that will be answered for you in the season finale. Yup, I can say that.”

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But Sterling K. Brown’s original comment that he “doesn’t know” what will happen to Beth and Randall pretty much sums things up for the couple’s present-day status. And it doesn’t help that This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman has already teased that the couple’s newly adopted daughter Deja (Lyric Ross) will be affected by Randall and Beth’s strife the most since she spent a good deal of her life thinking she might never have a stable family environment and now she doesn’t have that.

Fogelman told TV Insider that Deja’s reaction to her parents’ marital troubles will be addressed in next week’s episode, titled “Her.”

‘It’s a big part of where we’re heading in our finale [next week],” the This Is Us showrunner said.

This Is Us fans have long been wondering about the future status of Randall and Beth. In the few flash-forward scenes that have been shown, Sterling K. Brown’s character did not appear to be wearing his wedding ring. In another future scene, Beth referred to Rebecca as “Randall’s mother” instead of her mother-in-law. It is also made clear that Beth eventually follows her dream of being a dance instructor, which was one of the points that she and Randall argued about in the present day scenes that showed their marriage begin to crumble.

The This Is Us Season 3 finale airs Tuesday, April 2, at 9 p.m. on NBC.