Lisa Vanderpump Confronts Lala Over Fight With James Kennedy & Raquel

Nicole WeingartNBC Universal/Bravo

On Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent tries to convince boss, Lisa Vanderpump that everything was civil between herself, James Kennedy, and his girlfriend Raquel Leviss. But Vanderpump has been around the block a time or two with squabbles in her restaurants, and she’s not buying it, believing instead that harsh words were thrown around at the SUR brunch.

Entertainment Tonight reports that in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Lisa confronts Lala, asking her what happened between herself, James, and Raquel at SUR’s “Brunch With Billie,” and the restaurant hostess explained that it was no big deal.

“I was not aggressive. I said my piece, and then I left it at that.”

Lala continues telling Vanderpump that in her follow-up conversation with James, everything was “civilized,” and she just said to him “You’re still sitting there loving the fact that you got to f**k Lala.”

Still skeptical, Vanderpump grabs her best source for in-house gossip, waitress, Scheana Shay, and asks her to spill it and she doesn’t disappoint despite a voice over where she expresses concern that Lala will be mad. But as Scheana is telling all to Lisa, saying that Lala went too far with Raquel, calling her a “Bambi-eyed b***h, Kent interrupts, expressing disappointment that Scheana was tattling.

Then, Lala lashes out at Scheana in front of the boss.

“Scheana, girl. Shut the f**k up. She is not having my back right now.”

But Vanderpump cuts Lala off, telling her that she knows better than to behave like that in the restaurant.

“Lala, you know better than that.If there’s any disagreement, you take it outside. It’s never on the floor … You should respect that that is my business. It’s nonnegotiable.”

Later in her confessional, Lala says that she does respect Lisa enough not to “throw down” in her restaurant, and what she should have done is “drag their a**es into the parking lot.”

Vanderpump confers again with Scheana to see if James was really as well-behaved during the altercation as he purported to be, and the waitress, whom Lisa calls “the most professional waitress I’ve ever had,” said that James was relatively calm and there was no cursing. Scheana said he really kept it together.

Vanderpump said she didn’t believe it when James told her he was under control, but now that Scheana corroborated his story, she was pleasantly surprised.

“But now, I hear that he was telling the truth,” she remarks. “It’s kind of a first for James Kennedy.”