‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Jason Gets Tough With Shiloh & Willow’s Romance With Chase Intensifies

Craig SjodinABC

It’s shaping up to be a wild week on General Hospital. Spoilers hint that there will be some intense confrontations as people throughout Port Charles clash. Jason is going to be sending a strong message to Shiloh, and Dante’s experiences working undercover may make him a threat to those around him. In addition, the romance between Chase and Willow is rapidly heating up as he pledges to protect her from Shiloh.

As Friday’s show ended, viewers saw that Shiloh was introducing himself to Danny as Jason watched from a distance. The new sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that at some point during the week of March 25, Jason will confront Shiloh.

Jason will grab the Dawn of Day leader and throw him up against a wall, putting his hand around Shiloh’s throat as Sam yells at him in shock. General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps indicate that Sam will soon pick a side, and it seems likely that she’ll publicly side with Shiloh to maintain appearances while privately continuing to be with and work with Jason.

Neither Sam nor Jason trusts Shiloh and they’re not the only ones. The Inquisitr has detailed that Chase will be anxious to protect Willow in the days ahead as he learns about her past with the DOD leader.

Willow was intent on running from Port Charles once she learned Shiloh was there. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll feel that leaving town is the best way to protect Wiley, the baby she thinks is the son she placed for adoption.

The new sneak peek shows that as Chase works to protect Willow, their romance will take a big leap forward. General Hospital spoilers reveal that they’ll become more open about their relationship and it looks as if she’ll be rather swept off her feet by the protective detective. It looks like she’ll ultimately choose not to leave town, but she can’t stop worrying about Shiloh yet.

The preview for the week of March 25 also shows more with Dante, and the demons haunting him after his months of undercover work. The Inquisitr noted that he’ll seem to have a hallucination of sorts where he sees himself harming Lulu and now it looks as if Jason will need to intervene at another point where Dante’s behavior becomes concerning.

How far will Shiloh push things in Port Charles and who should be the most worried about him? Will his presence somehow lead to the truth finally emerging about “Wiley” really being Michael’s son? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are big twists and turns on the horizon, and fans will not want to miss any of the chaos ahead.