‘General Hospital Spoilers: Katelyn MacMullen Teases Wild Willow Tait And Shiloh Archer Storyline

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Ever since teacher Willow Tait popped up in Port Charles, viewers had a feeling there would be some secrets emerging about her. General Hospital spoilers hint that the week of March 25 will be a big one in this regard, although many fans have a hunch one more big secret about her may take a bit longer to emerge.

As fans had speculated, it turns out that Willow was a member of Shiloh Archer’s Dawn of Day organization and he is the biological father of the original baby boy she placed for adoption. The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveals new General Hospital spoilers detailing more of Willow’s past and where this storyline heads from here.

Actress Katelyn MacMullen, who plays Willow, explains that as her character opens up to Chase about her past with Shiloh, it’s something of a tug-of-war inside of her. MacMullen notes that Willow trusts Chase and doesn’t want to lose him, and she wants his wisdom and comfort. At the same time, what she’s been through in regard to Shiloh and placing her baby for adoption is the hardest thing she’s ever experienced.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Willow got involved with Dawn of Day because her parents were involved and Shiloh eventually seduced her. Willow has a lot of regret, guilt, and shame for having been a part of DOD and being involved with Shiloh, and it seems she’ll tell Chase about the DOD leader’s brainwashing and manipulation tactics.

Viewers saw that Willow decided she needed to run from Port Charles in order to keep “Wiley” safe, and Chase will be worried about this plan.

“If she stays in town, she draws attention to herself and anybody around her. She can’t help but have a reaction every time she crosses paths with Brad or the baby, and there’s just that chance that the more relationships she cultivates in town, the more people know about the baby, and it could get back to Shiloh.”

The teacher is clearly quite scared of Shiloh and General Hospital spoilers note that Chase will have his work cut out for him in convincing her not to run. What may help is that Chase will point out that he can’t work to keep her safe if she is on her own away from Port Charles. It seems she’ll still think she should go, but it sounds as if she either won’t leave or won’t be gone for good.

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SheKnows Soaps indicates that Willow will confess and Shiloh will push his limits during Monday’s show. The confession surely relates to filling Chase in on more of her background while previews suggest that Shiloh pushing his limits will be connected to Jason, Sam, and Danny.

Will Jason and Sam be able to find a way to take down Shiloh quickly enough to protect both Kristina and Willow? General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be an intense storyline over the next few weeks and there are rumors swirling that Shiloh may end up meeting an untimely end sooner or later. Stay tuned for additional teasers as they become available to see where this twisted storyline seems to be headed next.