March 22, 2019
John Legend's 'Florida Man' Birth Date Story Is Hilarious

"Florida Man" stories have been entertaining the world for years now, with bizarre tales of strange things that have happened in the Sunshine State. From funny stories about a Florida Man getting caught out after calling the police basically on themselves, to the more concerning variety where a Florida Man gets violent and acts out in a rather unusual way, the stories go viral quite quickly.

A recent challenge has people Googling "Florida Man" and their birth date to see what strange or funny thing might have happened in the state on their birthdays. Singer John Legend decided to join in on the latest social media challenge, and the result, according to Fox News, is hilarious.

After searching his birthday on Google, Legend came up with a story that falls on the funny side of the spectrum that was published on his birthday: "Video: Florida man drops stolen TV from getaway scooter."

Now, realistically, most people who are planning on robbing a house and a store of large items would probably bring a van, or at the very least, a car with doors. Just the mental picture of someone trying to scoot away with haste from a crime scene alone is pretty funny, but picturing them with a large television set balanced precariously on the back is almost cartoonish.

The actual video is surveillance footage from the store in question, shared by the Davie Police Department to Twitter in a request for anyone with information to come forward about the two thieves.

It becomes even more comical when watching the video and realizing it wasn't just one man and a large flatscreen trying to balance on the scooter, but two men, with the second trying awkwardly -- and clearly failing -- to keep both himself and the television safely on the scooter.

When the television falls off the back of the scooter just feet from the door of the Walmart they had tried to rob, the second man jumped off the scooter again to scoop it back up and return it to the back of the scooter. Let's not talk about how cracked that screen probably was by the time they got it back home.

How on earth the pair managed to get away before the store's security was able to catch up to them is actually a complete mystery.

Legend wasn't the only celebrity to get involved with the challenge either. Comedian Brian Limond also shared his Florida Man birthday story, although his is somewhat more sinister.

"Florida man claims he killed, dismembered roommate because he was possibly 'next mass killer,' cops say."