‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Chase Has A Question For Willow & Kristina’s Ready For More With Shiloh

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show tease that there is plenty of Dawn of Day action on the way. Shiloh is successfully drawing Kristina deep into his cult, and fans know that Willow has some sort of history with DOD, too. Viewers have their theories about where this is headed, and it looks like some additional tidbits will be revealed during the March 20 show.

Viewers feel fairly certain now that Willow is the woman Shiloh referred to in a conversation with Harmony recently. It looks likely that Shiloh is the original baby Wiley’s birth father and that Willow is scared of this ex of hers for good reason. She is in the early stages of a sweet romance now with Chase, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll struggle to take the next step in her relationship with him.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show shared via Twitter shows that Chase will ask Willow if she’s up for a weekend getaway. It looks like he has formulated some plans for a romantic rendezvous for the two of them, but she may not be ready for this yet.

Willow has shared quite a bit with Chase, but she is still keeping some secrets. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps reveal that she’ll panic over something during Wednesday’s show. Does she panic over the idea of going away with Chase and getting intimate, or does she get a hint of Shiloh being in Port Charles perhaps?

The pairing of Willow and Chase has really grown on fans, but General Hospital spoilers note that they will be facing some obstacles as this week plays out. There’s little doubt that she probably wants to go away with Chase, but Soap Central details that she will be struggling over this offer and the ghosts from her past.

Of course, Chase has no intention of worrying or scaring Willow, and he’ll likely feel quite protective of her once he comes to learn more about her past. In the meantime, General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll be overwhelmed by anxiety, will perhaps make a rash move of some sort, and will face a rattling surprise.

Shiloh may still want to find the mysterious woman he mentioned to Harmony, but he is also seemingly looking to make Kristina his next muse of sorts. Unfortunately, Kristina is completely oblivious to all of the red flags that Sam, Molly, Jason, and others see in Shiloh.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Kristina will tell Shiloh that she’s ready for the next step with Dawn of Day. Shiloh has already pushed Daisy aside and given Kristina more responsibility with his seminars, and he’s clearly grooming her for much more.

Ultimately, Shiloh surely has the goal of adding her to his group of women with that tattoo that definitely signifies something sinister, but Kristina won’t be ready for that quite yet. However, she’ll be anxious to prove herself to Shiloh and this will become an increasingly twisted situation in the episodes ahead.

Sam will voice her concerns about Shiloh again to Jason and as The Inquisitr shared, there are big developments ahead for Dante and Sonny during Wednesday’s show, too. Alex and Anna’s dance will take a step forward, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this is a must-see episode. Fans are buzzing over all of the intense storylines currently airing and can’t wait to see where things head next.