Wednesday Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Sonny And Dante Implement A Plan As They Try To Outmaneuver Raj

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers watched as Sonny and Dante spent a lengthy amount of time talking and getting each other up to speed on what’s happened over the past few months. Now they face a big challenge in trying to get back to Port Charles without Raj figuring out exactly what they’re planning.

Soap Central details that, as this week plays out, Sonny will be willing to put his life at risk and he will be giving out an order. Based on the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show, it looks as if Sonny and Dante will be ready to move forward on the plan they’ve worked on together.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Sonny and Dante will pursue a high-risk plan to get themselves away from Raj and back home to Port Charles. The preview for the March 20 show suggests that Dante will either knock Sonny out or make it look as if he either harmed or killed his father. This seems pretty chancy, because Dante somehow has to manage to get the both of them out of that place without raising any suspicion. Both Dante and one of Raj’s henchmen are looking down as the henchman asks what Dante did, and he replies that he had no other choice.

Robert will pop up and ask questions about Sonny’s whereabouts and General Hospital spoilers detail that Olivia will be asking Carly back home about what Sonny is doing. SheKnows Soaps reveals that Carly will begin to grow concerned about something, and it’s likely her husband’s status and whereabouts that are worrying her.

Although their plan may be a risky one, General Hospital spoilers hint that it will ultimately work. Sonny and Dante will apparently be back in Port Charles within the next few episodes, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still trouble ahead. Actor Dominic Zamprogna is back for just 10 episodes, so fans seemingly won’t get to see much of Dante and Lulu together.

Viewers have missed having Zamprogna on General Hospital, but spoilers tease this brief arc is a juicy one that has the actor thrilled to be back. He’s not interested in a long-term contract at this point, as he has a lot of other projects in the works. However, teasers suggest that Dominic will be written out again in a way that probably leaves the door open for additional returns down the road.

How will Dante and Sonny get Raj and his team to believe their scheme? What happens between Dante and Lulu once he’s back in Port Charles? Fans are loving these scenes between Dominic Zamprogna and Sonny’s Maurice Benard and they’ll be anxious to see where the General Hospital writers take this next.

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