Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Dante Formulates A Plan As He Faces Demands From Raj

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny and Dante will be facing a difficult challenge this week as they face one another with Raj making demands. Actor Dominic Zamprogna has stepped back into the role of Dante for a brief arc and new teasers suggest that it’ll be a juicy storyline.

Viewers saw that Dante came out as Sonny confronted Raj and soon Raj was urging Dante to prove his loyalty by doing away with his father. Previews show that a shot will be fired, but new General Hospital spoilers from the latest print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveal the scoop on where this heads next.

Zamprogna teases that the audience may not be sure what to think of Dante as he is first appearing with Raj. It’ll seem that he might have been undercover so long that he’s no longer the man he was, and thus may not hesitate to do as Raj insists in regards to Sonny.

Luckily, however, Dante will come up with a plan. General Hospital spoilers share that Dante will shoot toward Sonny, but he won’t do it with the intention of taking his father down. He’ll work to convince Raj that Sonny is more valuable to them alive than dead and it seems he’ll manage to pull this off.

Soon, Sonny and Dante will get a chance to talk alone and Sonny will fill Dante in on everything that happened with Lulu at Ryan’s hand. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Dante will decide almost immediately that he needs to return to Port Charles to be with his wife. However, he can’t just pack up and head out on a whim.

It won’t take long for Sonny and Dante to come up with a plan that gets both of them out from under Raj’s control, at least for now. General Hospital spoilers indicate that their scheme will carry a lot of high risks, but all signs point toward them getting back to Port Charles soon.

Viewers will have to tune in to see just what this plan is, but SheKnows Soaps reveal that there will be action with Sonny and Dante on both Monday and Tuesday’s episodes this coming week. General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will be willing to go all-out to help those he loves and soon he’ll issue a stunning command of some sort.

Zamprogna signed a 10-episode contract for this return and it is known that he will have scenes with Emme Rylan and her character of Lulu. During the Tuesday, March 6 show he will be startled in some way and viewers will be anxious to see what happens as Dante and Lulu reunite.

How do Dante and Sonny manage to get away from Raj and what happens when Dante gets back to Port Charles? Fans are disappointed that actor Dominic Zamprogna won’t be sticking around for long, but General Hospital spoilers tease that it’ll be an action-packed return while it lasts.

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