Khloe Kardashian Threw Rob Kardashian A St. Patty's Day Birthday Bash To Make Him Feel 'Special,' Per 'HL'

While he may remain under the radar fairly often, Rob Kardashian is still very much a part of the Kardashian clan.

This past weekend, Rob's sisters flooded their Instagram stories with photos and videos of the 32-year-old's St. Patrick's Day birthday bash. The shindig was filled with green balloons and decor, and it appeared as though a great time was had by all. A source close to The Hollywood Life shares that Rob's sister, Khloe Kardashian, was the mastermind behind the bash. Since Rob wanted something that was low-key and mellow, Khloe hit the nail on the head, says the insider.

The party took place on Saturday, March 16, just a day before Rob's actual birthday, as well St. Patrick's Day. Khloe and her sisters wanted to do something more for their brother, but he insisted that he was fine just staying in and celebrating on the down low. On Instagram, Khloe teased that Dream was the one who planned the party for her daddy, before she had to go to mom Blac Chyna's house.

"Khloe helped plan the entire thing, and it was St. Patty's Day theme and of course, all about the kids being together. It was pretty much just cake, laughing and watching the kids run around like crazy," the insider shared. "Khloe wanted Rob to feel special and celebrated and she loves birthdays and it was important to her to do that for him, but Rob made it clear he didn't want a big thing."

The same insider went on to say that Rob still has his ups and downs, and struggles and likes to keep to himself. Kardashian has a very small social circle and he doesn't like leaving his house very often so his mom and sisters are trying to do everything that they can to make sure he stays happy. Neighbors often see Dream out with her nannies, but even so, the source says that Rob is a very hands-on dad and his baby girl means the world to him.
"He'd love to have more kids one day. Dream has changed him so much for the better."
And Khloe also shared the love for her brother on her Instagram page over the weekend. Along with a few older videos of Rob dancing and singing, the 34-year-old posted a heartfelt tribute to her only brother. In the sweet post, she called Rob her "best friend" and the "funniest person" she knows before saying that no matter what happens in his life, she will alway stick by his side. To end the post, she told fans that the family is lucky to have Dream, and Dream is lucky to have such a great father.

It's easy to see that Khloe and Rob have an unbreakable sibling bond.