Beth Chapman Shares Glowing Selfie With Stepson Leland During Bounty-Hunting Trip In Alabama

Bounty hunting has become a family affair for the Chapmans, and it seems as though everyone chips in to help take down the bad guys. As Beth Chapman shared to Instagram, her stepson, Leland Chapman, has been lending a hand to help his father, Duane “Dog” Champman, for the newest addition to the Chapman family’s long line of reality shows, WGN’s Dog’s Most Wanted.

Beth and Leland smiled widely for the snap as the duo took a break from their hard work. Beth praised Leland’s dedication to helping her and his father and called him out for his “great work” in catching a fugitive.

As The Blast previously shared, the Chapman family is currently shooting the last installment of their reality series in Louisiana. Earlier this month, Dog and Beth tracked down a skipper who was wanted for sexual battery of a minor. The Chapman’s caught the 39-year old in Covington, Louisiana, and turned him into the authorities.

Leland, who moved to Louisiana following his marriage to model Jamie Pilar, was on call to nab another bail-jumper who was on the loose in a nearby county. Leland jumped into action with a camera crew in tow to catch the entire ordeal for the series.

According to Leland’s Instagram, he’s not the only family member who has been gearing up and getting their feet wet in the family business. Leland’s son, 18-year old Cobie, has been helping out his father and grandfather for his first exciting jaunt alongside his family to take down a skipper. The trio of men posed for a picture where they rocked their bounty-hunting gear and Cobie looked excited to be joining the men of his family for the exciting trade.

Fans of the family have been anxiously awaiting updates on the newest series, which has yet to announce a premiere date, as well as news of the family’s matriarch’s health. Back in November, Beth shared that her throat cancer had returned and has now spread, which was discovered following emergency surgery to remove a blockage.

Since discovering her cancer returned, Beth has been keeping busy by hunting down skippers and clapping back at those who claim her cancer is fake. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Beth took down an online troll who insinuated that she has been using her health scare for show, and that she had been faking this latest diagnosis.

“I find it disgusting that someone would suggest that this 8 inch scare [sic] across my throat is fake or the rounds of chemo were fake it’s so outrageous that 1. you’d have the nerve to utter that s**t under your breath, let alone out loud or on the internet,” Chapman said in the scathing post.

Fans will be looking out for the latest update from the famous bounty-hunting family, including which bad guy they take down next.

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