‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant Matt D. Accused Of Instagram Harassment, Reportedly Removed From Series

The Bachelorette may have lost a contender for Season 15 before filming even began. A potential suitor named Matt D. for this season’s bachelorette, named Hannah B., went viral last week after women on social media accused him of consistently sending them unwanted direct messages on Instagram. Although none of the allegations have been confirmed true, many of the accusers shared screenshots of the messages, which he reportedly sent without response over the course of two years.

For the first time ever, ABC, the network responsible for the popular dating series, released names and photos of 33 men who “may” appear on the upcoming season last week, according to Daily Mail. One Twitter user who goes by Sam allegedly recognized Matt in the photo set on Friday and shared screenshots of his one-sided Instagram conversation with her.

“This guy used to dm me on insta consistently for like 2 years and now he’s a contestant on the new Bachelorette lmao,” she wrote in the tweet.

The screenshots, via Twitter, show Matt sending one or two messages a month for two years to Sam encouraging her to respond. Some phrases used include “I’m not giving up on you,” “Why do you hate me,” “Rude AF,” and “I expect better from you.”

It is unclear whether Matt had any previous relationship with this woman or if the messages had been doctored up. However, the official Bachelorette photo of the suitor that she shared in her tweet matches those found on his Instagram account, which is listed in the screenshots.


Sam’s tweet also garnered responses from several other women claiming to have received unwanted messages from Matt. One user named Victoria shared a photo of herself with Matt and claimed that she dated the man for “a few months” and that he was “crazy.” Victoria also noted that the timeline of the messages Matt sent to Sam aligned with that of her relationship with him, CinemaBlend reported.

Although there were no screenshots to accompany the claim, a Twitter user named Ames shared that she worked with Matt when she was 19 and went on “a few dates” with him.

“He was trying to get me a fake ID so he could lie to his friends about my age,” Ames wrote, adding that he “still responds” to her friends’ Snapchat stories to call Ames a “b****.”

On Sunday evening, a Twitter user named Julia shared a screenshot of Matt explaining in an Instagram message that he was removed from The Bachelorette “two hours before night one.” ABC has not yet commented on the matter.

Season 15 of The Bachelorette has just begun filming and is set to premiere on ABC on Monday, May 13.

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