Chris Harrison Returns To The ‘Bachelor’ Mansion For The First Time Since Wildfires Tore Through The Area

In November of 2018, California experienced some of the most devastating and destructive wildfires the state has seen in years. Many lost their lives, while hundreds of others were forced to evacuate the area. Homes and businesses were completely wiped off the map. Among the damaged properties was part of the set of The Bachelor, the infamous mansion in Agoura Hills.

While parts of the manor were burned away, it was not a total loss. For the first time since the devastation, the show’s host, Chris Harrison, returned to the mansion. He posted a photo of the beautiful property looking just as majestic as ever, according to Life & Style.

The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss was one of the first to share the news that the property was in the line of destruction. He urged fans and supporters of the show to pray for those who had been affected by the damage.

“Pray for Malibu— and #TheBachelor Mansion. Thinking of the people of Malibu and yes #TheBachelor Mansion is in grave danger as well,” he wrote sharing a photo of dark gray smoke engulfing the expansive landscape near the mansion.

By December of 2018, it had become more clear what the extent of the damage was. Harrison shared that while some of the estate had been wiped away, the mansion itself stood strong.

“The house that we use for production, office space and storage, that burned down. Then the outside patio, which was wood, burned down and stuff melted around the house. But the actual house is standing.”

Because the cast of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor had already relocated outside of California at that point of filming, none of the staff had been on the property at the time and were not in any danger. Harrison has remained hopeful that the production team would be able to get the mansion refurbished and that it would be safe enough to film the new season of The Bachelorette in its usual location. Although nothing has been officially announced about filming plans yet, so far things are looking promising.

On Saturday, Harrison was excited to update fans of the current status of the property. He posted a photo to Instagram showing the elegant front walkway that leads up to the entrance of the highly televised mansion.

“She’s never looked so gorgeous. After what our community has been through this year, I’m more grateful than ever to be back home.”

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