Alec Baldwin Racial Slur: Hometown Hall Of Fame Has His Back

Alec Baldwin’s hometown Hall of Fame says they have his back.

Alec Baldwin, a native of Massapequa, New York, has some loyal friends among his high school’s Hall of Fame after the 30 Rock star’s alleged racial slur. Alec Baldwin denies any wrongdoing, and Mike Hanna, the president of the Massapequa High School Hall of Fame, says the organization has his back either way.

Alec Baldwin and his brother William have been long-time members of the Hall of Fame since the ’90s, and Mike Hanna said he knows Alec quite well. In Alec’s defense, Hanna said:

“I know them both, and they are both good people.”

Journalists G. N. Miller and Tara Palmeri are claiming Alec Baldwin was livid as they approached him outside his home this week. According to the New York Post, Palmeri said she has a recording which contains Alec Baldwin saying things like, “I want you to choke to death.”

G. N. Miller is an African-American retired NYPD detective, and told police Alec Baldwin used racial slurs in an angry outburst. But the scandal won’t affect the actor’s standing in the Massapequa Hall of Fame, whether Baldwin is charged with a hate crime or not. According to Fox News, Mike Hanna said:

“Alec has his way of doing things, but overall [he and William] are good for us. … They have given back a lot. He does so much good for us too.”

Alec Baldwin has gone on record as saying:

“If [Miller] is gonna pull a word out of thin air and ascribe it to me, what word does he choose? I thought that was fascinating. That word in particular … I grew up around people who threw the N-word around fairly regularly. This is a word that no one in the greater New York area uses.”

How do you feel about the Massapequa Hall of Fame saying they have Alec Balwin’s back over the alleged racial slur? Do you think Alec Baldwin said it?