Facebook, Instagram Outages Blamed On Thanos By Marvel Fans

Rich Polk / joshborup / Samuel1983Getty Images / Pixabay

In 2019, we have become so reliant on social media that it’s almost second nature to check in on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on our coffee breaks, on the train, and even while watching television. So what do you do when social media crashes for a few hours?

Well, according to some Marvel fans, you find the biggest villain you can think of and blame it on them. On Wednesday, while seemingly half the internet (not quite) was down across the globe, fans of the franchise responded to the news that it was not a DDoS attack by pointing the finger elsewhere: at Thanos, the villain from Avengers: Infinity War, according to Comic Book,

During the film, Thanos finally managed to collect all the infinity stones for his infinity gauntlet, with the result that he was able to successfully dust half of all living creatures in the universe.

The ending of that film set up Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to fight against him again — now at half mast — in the next installment, Avengers: Endgame, and apparently be blamed for all evils in the world for all eternity.

In October last year, video sharing site YouTube briefly crashed. Users were quick to call out Thanos for making it happen. And when Netflix released Infinity War to their streaming service and half their subscribers were unable to find the film, Netflix themselves suggested begging Thanos for forgiveness.

People took to Twitter — apparently, the one remaining social media site not affected by the sudden outages — in droves with their complaints about the Titan’s latest targets.

“Is anyone else having issues with Facebook? I can’t post, comment, private message… it’s as if Thanos snapped his fingers again,” one user wrote, with another adding, “Didn’t know Facebook has any employees named ‘Thanos’ on staff. SNAP! #facebookoutage #infinitywait.”

Another even suggested Thanos is now disguising himself as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“I think Mark Zuckerberg is just trying to be Thanos so he cut off access to Facebook to half of the planet.”

Others added memes or even GIFs of the moment when Thanos snapped his fingers to illustrate exactly how half of social media seemed to have crashed.

When order was restored and the sites came back online, one snarky Twitter user commented that he was half “expecting a reduction in the millennial population on a par with a Thanos finger snap…” over the outage.

Thanos will be appearing back in theaters in April when Avengers: Endgame is released to the public, and hopefully won’t be dusting anyone — or anything — out of existence before the Avengers can get rid of him.