Teresa Giudice’s Brother Joe Gorga Hopes Teresa Is Prepared For Divorce

Monica Schipper Getty News

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga, 39, who is the brother of co-star Teresa Giudice, recently spoke out about his sister’s plans depending on how Joe Giudice’s release from jail and potential deportation play out. Gorga supported Teresa’s earlier assertions from the end of 2018, when Teresa stated that she and the couple’s four children will not follow Joe to Italy if he is deported there. Teresa feels that uprooting their children to another country would be a terrible idea and has insisted her decision is based on what she feels is the best interest for the couple’s kids.

“If he goes to Italy, they’re not going,” Gorga said on Monday, March 11, according Fox 5. “Is she prepared [to divorce Joe]? She has no choice. She has to be prepared.”

On Thursday, March 14, Teresa’s 46-year-old husband, Joe Giudice, will finish his 41-month prison sentence. Both he and his wife, Teresa, were convicted on 41 counts of tax and bankruptcy fraud. Teresa already served her 11-month prison sentence, finishing it in 2015. Joe Giudice is completing his time at FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania. However, Joe Giudice won’t be released and returned home, like Teresa was. Instead, Joe Giudice faces possible deportation to Italy once he is released from prison on Thursday.

While Joe Giudici was moved into the United States when he was an infant, he was not born in America and never completed his American citizenship. Because of that, a judge ruled against him in October 2018, and decided against allowing Joe Giudice to stay in the country once he is released from prison. Joe Giudice has an appeal currently in progress regarding his deportation.

“He is getting out, but ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is picking him up,” Gorga said, according to Us Weekly.

Gorga has been very supportive of his 46-year-old sister through the entire ordeal.

“Anything she needs, I’m going to be here for her,” Gorga said, according to Us Weekly. “That’s my only sister. I have only one sister in life.”

Dealing with such serious family issues on reality TV hasn’t been the easiest on the Giudice family, nor has it always been easy on Gorga. While he has made appearances on the Real Housewives of New Jersey along with his sister since 2009, he has admitted he is not a huge fan of reality TV. He hasn’t found it to be a rewarding experience, and he also hasn’t enjoyed the changes he has witnessed in himself and those around him.

“It’s the devil. You’re accepting the devil in your life. Bottom line: It just doesn’t make a lot of people happy. It changes who you are,” Gorga said, according to Us Weekly.