Idiot rings police after child refuses to stop playing game

Remember the brat who phoned the cops after his parents took away his Xbox 360? Well, now the parents are at it, with one mother from Boston calling in the fuzz after her 14-year-old son refused to stop playing a Grand Theft Auto game.

Angela Mejia – who at 49 should know better – wasted valuable donut-eating police time after she awoke in the middle of the night to find her darling offspring gawking at the PlayStation game.

Presumably after some angsty shouting from both sides, Mejia unplugged the console and then made her 911 call. Unbelievably, the police actually came round and told the son that it was time to stop slaughtering virtual hookers and go to bed.

Speaking to the BostonHerald later, Mejia explained she “called (police) because if you don’t respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?” Yeah, because getting cops in to fulfil basic parental duties is sure to see respect levels rocket.

[Boston Herald, via Kotaku]