Wendy Williams Announces 24-Hour Substance Abuse Hotline Following Health-Related Hiatus

Just a week after Wendy Williams returned to her hit show, The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show host has announced her latest endeavor geared to help others.

Previously, Williams was on a long hiatus due to health issues but now that she’s back, she’s sharing her most recent project. On today’s episode of the show, the TV personality announced that her family’s foundation, the Hunter Foundation, has partnered with T.R.U.S.T. to help people who are dealing with substance abuse issues. According to its website, T.R.U.S.T. is an organization that works by helping people from their journey through treatment to long-term recovery.

People shares that the new hotline is geared toward helping not only the people who are battling addiction, but also helping family members and loved ones as well as just the general public who are looking for more information on the disease.

“The Hunter Foundation launched a 24-hour nationwide hotline to offer treatment resources to get help for you if you happen to be addicted to drugs and substance abusing. What you do is you call, and your call will be answered by specially-trained, certified recovery coaches. These people will provide you, should you want help, with referrals and treatment facilities. If that’s you, we’re here to help.”

The specialists at the hotlines are trained to provide a number of services including suggesting different treatment facilities for detox, rehab, or simply do sober living. Another plus, patients will be matched with facilities based on their financial means. This means that they can recommend specific facilities whether a patient is using Medicaid, private insurance, or paying out of pocket.

And this cause is very near and dear to her heart since Williams has faced substance and drug abuse issues of her own. When she was in her 20s and 30s, William had an addiction to cocaine and she has even referred to herself as a “functioning addict.” She also launched another foundation last year, the “Be Here” National Campaign, to help with drug and substance abuse in different communities.

And Wendy is not the only party who is really excited about this partnership. Ron Clinton, who serves as the President of T.R.U.S.T., also released a statement on the hotline, expressing his excitement to be working with Wendy and her team. He thinks that with the help of Wendy, they can raise awareness for substance abuse and help people seek help. Clinton also shared a mind-boggling statistic, saying that in the past year, over 70,000 have died from substance abuse and they want to do everything in their power to help those in need in the easiest way possible.

For people who are looking for help with drug or substance abuse, they can call 1-888-5HUNTER (1-888-548-6837).

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