Trump Loyalists Create An App For The MAGA Set, 63red Safe

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Yelp gives its users lots of information, but the app doesn’t tell you if a restaurant is a safe space to wear a MAGA hat or tote your gun. But now, 63red Safe, an app available for both iOS and Android, will tell the user if they can dine without fear that their red hats will be forcefully removed, or if they will get berated (or kicked out) mid-meal.

The Daily Beast says that Trump supporters feel victimized after situations where Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s White House press secretary, and Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, were both driven from restaurants after being identified by anti-Trump patrons.

Just this week, a story of a boy on a school bus being forced to remove his red MAGA cap made the rounds, striking fear in the hearts of like-minded conservatives. The boy was confronted by a school bus aide who took issue with the student’s hat. Trump supporters have even named this phenomenon as “MAGAphobia.”

Just like the eponymous guide in the movie, The Green Book — which was used by African-American travelers in the South in order to find safe spaces to dine and lodge at — a new app called “63red Safe” identifies places which don’t discriminate against conservatives, highlighting restaurants where they can dine without fear of a physical altercation with a liberal activist.

In addition to food and lodging, 63red Safe identifies a variety of businesses where a red MAGA hat won’t raise eyebrows. The app’s founder, Scott Wallace, wants to provide a list of as many places as possible where the Trump faithful can rest easy.

“I’m trying to position it as an everyday ‘where can I go eat safely’ app.”


The app covers several key aspects, including whether or not the owner or management of an establishment posts political messages on social media, and whether or not patrons can carry firearms. The app also asks whether or not the management will have your back if a problem arises.

“Does this business serve persons of every political belief?” Will this business protect its customers if they are attacked for political reasons?”

Wallace likens 63red Safe to a sort of political “fire inspector,” and says that the app is only going to grow in popularity as we get closer to the 2020 election. While it’s unclear what criteria is used to determine whether a place is deemed safe or not safe, Wallace says that a larger user base will make the results more effective.

The Inquisitr reported that after the embarrassing situation experienced by Sanders in June, many conservatives grew concerned that they would be the next person tossed from a restaurant on “moral grounds.”