‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 9 Spoilers, Recap: Goku Unleashes God-Level Power, Defeats Core Area Warriors

Dash ToriyamaFlickr

In Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict Saga, the Core Area Warriors led by Hearts have declared an all-out war against Zeno-sama and all the gods. The Core Area Warriors are currently wreaking havoc in several universes. After Universe 6, they headed to Universe 11 where Jiren the Gray and Evil Cumber are fighting.

Vegeta and Trunks have also arrived at Universe 11. But even before they were able to help Jiren and Toppo, one of the Core Area Warriors, Oren, appeared and used his special technique to control Vegeta. After successfully entering Vegeta’s body, Oren immediately attacked Trunks. Trunks had no choice but to fight his father. However, despite transforming into a Super Saiyan, Trunks was still unable to match the combined powers of Oren and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 also featured the ongoing battle between Jiren and Evil Cumber. The Core Area Warriors are aware that Jiren is the strongest mortal in all universes, but they don’t seem to be worried at all. Evil Cumber believes that he and Jiren have the same power level. However, before he started fighting him in his Super Saiyan form, Hearts came and interfered in their fight.

Though his battle with Jiren is far from over, Hearts commanded Evil Cumber to leave and go to Universe 3. Evil Cumber didn’t agree with Hearts’ orders, but Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 revealed that the Core Area Warriors leader has the ability to teleport his allies wherever he desires. Hearts wanted to see how Oren will be able to match up against Jiren using Vegeta’s body.

However, it’s not only Oren who’s aiming to challenge the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction. Kamin and Zamasu also joined the fight to know the difference between them and Jiren. Trunks tried to give Jiren a hand, but Oren immediately made a move and knocked him out to the ground. Oren was about to finish Trunks when an unexpected reinforcement arrived at Universe 11 – Son Goku and Daishinkan.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 showed the result of Son Goku’s training with Daishinkan. Unlike in his previous battles, it seems like Son Goku can now use Ultra Instinct at his own will. Son Goku shocked everyone who’s present at Universe 11, including Jiren and his new master, Daishinkan. Using Ultra Instinct, Son Goku easily defeated the Core Area Warriors. He also succeeded to free Vegeta from Oren’s control. However, despite seeing Son Goku’s incredible power, Core Area Warriors leader Hearts still looks calm, and it is highly likely that he’s planning to pull another trick against the Universe 7 and Universe 11 fighters.