William H. Macy Believes ‘Shameless’ Fans Will See Emmy Rossum Again

Paul SarkisShowtime

The Season 9 finale of Shameless is a little more than 24 hours away – with the exception of those who will tune in just after midnight ET when Showtime drops it into their streaming app – and most are bracing themselves to say goodbye to Emmy Rossum.

Rossum announced before the new season kicked off that it would be her last season with the Gallagher family. Fortunately, as those who have been with the series from the start know, it is not uncommon for characters to leave the show only to come back.

Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher), who is coined as the soul mate of Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), has entered and exited the series on many occasions.

Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin) has also entered and exited the show several times.

When the network revealed Shameless had been renewed for a 10th Season, Cameron once again revealed that anyone who leaves the show can always come back, with rare exception of those who pass away.

Monaghan had previously announced his plans to retire as the character of Ian Gallagher. The midseason finale for Season 9 was originally believed to be the last episode for Ian. Cameron, however, has since announced plans to revive his role and rejoin the cast next season.

Rossum and the producers of the Showtime hit series have also been pretty adamant about the fact that the door was always open for Emmy to revive her role as Fiona. Emmy claimed her character was just doing the equivalent of moving down the street and could always return.

According to Variety, William H. Macy – who plays the role of Emmy’s father, Frank, in the series – does not believe this will be the last time fans see the eldest Gallagher sibling.

“I think Emmy will come back and make a guest appearance before this thing sets sail. She better, otherwise I’m gonna grab her by the ear and bring her back,” Macy said as he firmly believed the Showtime series wouldn’t come to an end without Fiona coming back one more time.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series history, Shameless is an adaption of the U.K. series which is also called Shameless. In the original U.K. version, the character of Fiona leaves early on in the series.

The actress who plays Fiona, however, did return to the series when it did eventually end. Variety reveals Macy expects the same thing will happen when the Showtime series eventually comes to an end as well.

The Season 9 finale of Shameless airs Sunday, March 10, on Showtime.