Iggy Azalea Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ In No-Makeup Look Before Glam Makeover From Teenage Guru James Charles

Iggy Azalea showed off her glam new look after a makeover with teenage beauty guru James Charles, but not before the rapper rocked a makeup-free look described as “unrecognizable.”

Iggy appeared in a YouTube video with the 19-year-old makeup maven, trading in her normally bright lipstick for a completely bare-faced appearance. It was quite a difference, with both the Daily Mail and Hollywood Life deciding that Iggy Azalea was “unrecognizable” without makeup.

“The real project is make me prettier, that’s the real project,” Iggy Azalea said in the video. “Make me pretty!”

Iggy told James that she has been spending a lot of time on very long flights as she tours and performs, sometimes 10 to 15 hours on a single flight, and fell down a “rabbit hole” of watching his viral makeup videos. That gave her the idea to meet so she could get a makeover from him. She tweeted at him asking if he would “do my makeup challenge,” and he agreed.

As Hollywood Life noted, the end result was very impressive and even included some colorful eyeshadow that Iggy said she normally doesn’t try on her own.

“James created a gorgeous blue look for her eyeshadow, with a white to dark blue ombré effect from her inner corner to outer v. He put a light pink mauve lipstick on her lips, and of course added a glowy highlight for that perfect amount of radiance on her cheekbone and beneath Iggy’s brow.”

The result of Iggy Azalea’s makeover with James Charles got plenty of viral attention, with fans of both the rapper and the teenage guru sharing pictures of the end result and heaping plenty of praise on Charles for the look.

Iggy Azalea’s looks have gotten plenty of attention lately, especially as the rapper has established her Instagram page as an outlet for some very racy pictures and marketing tie-ins with some brands she represents. That has drawn attention both good and bad, with many fans praising the rapper but others marking her as a target for criticism. As Hot New Hip Hop reported, Iggy recently joked with fans that she’s often accused of looking much older than her real age.

“Girl don’t worry, I’m 28 pushing 40 online. Lol,” Iggy wrote on Twitter in response to the criticism.

But the makeover with James Charles has gotten nearly universal good reviews for Iggy Azalea, with nary a comment about her looking more than a decade older than her age.