Fans Believe Jason Duggar Is Courting Thanks To A Mission Trip To Greece

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Jason Duggar could very well be courting someone, at least that’s what Duggar fans are thinking. The 18-year-old traveled to Greece on a mission trip with several other people, including members of the Forsyth and Caldwell families. Now, it seems that pictures are circulating on social media of the group, and that has fans waiting anxiously for another courting announcement soon.

OK! Magazine reported that a photo that was posted on a Reddit group that keeps close tabs on the Duggar family has many convinced that there is a girl there that has caught Jason’s attention. Most think that the potential Mrs. Duggar could very well be Lauren Caldwell. If you happen to remember the name, she is Kendra Duggar’s younger sister, and she was also on a few episodes of Counting On when Joe and Kendra’s wedding was shown last year.

Apparently, there were other photos that had Jason Duggar and Lauren Caldwell paired together in them. According to OK!, the reality star was standing behind Lauren then as well. Most of the Counting On kids have started courting once they turn 18- or 19-years-old, with the exception of twins, John David and Jana Duggar. So, it seems like this is about the time that Jason would fall for one of the girls, possibly in his home church or someone who has been hanging around with the family quite a bit. Lauren would definitely fall into that category.

Of course, it could always be just a coincidence that those two have ended up in close proximity in group shots. There is a another girl who could be a contender as well. Standing beside Lauren in the snapshot is another young lady who looks about the same age. Jason is seen standing right behind both of them.

A mission trip helped to bring Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo together. They both had previously explained that the more time they spent together, the more smitten they had become.

This could all just be an innocent trip to Greece with a church group, but sometimes that’s how a Duggar courtship begins. If this is all true, then there is expected to be an announcement soon enough from the reality TV family.

It’s about time for another courting couple. The new season of Counting On has been full of wedding planning and babies, but no courtships. There will be plenty of them soon enough, and fans are hoping that it’s Jason Duggar’s turn this time.