Here Are The New Characters Being Introduced In James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

Warner Bros.

The sequel to Suicide Squad is a project that had been up in the air for quite some time, and no one even knew if it would end up being made.

All of a sudden, James Gunn became available, and has taken over the film for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) — generating a lot of hype amongst the fans in the process. Given his involvement, the sequel is likely to look quite different than the first film, and that includes a number of new characters showing up.

As for the actual team, a lot of news has been making the rounds lately. One of the biggest changes will come with Deadshot. Will Smith has had scheduling conflicts and needed to bow out of the role, but The Hollywood Reporter states that Idris Elba is in serious talks to replace him.

Suicide Squad 2 — a tentative title — will also be without Joel Kinnaman, as he isn’t returning to the role of Rick Flagg. So, two of the main actors from the first film are not coming back, but it is very likely that Margot Robbie will return to play Harley Quinn a second time.

With Gunn writing the script and at the helm behind the camera, the sequel to Suicide Squad is going to be very different than the first one. Collider has revealed some of the new characters who are currently scheduled to appear in the film, and DC Comics is apparently opening up its pages for the planned sequel.

Anything and everything is always possible to change with re-writes and other creative circumstances, but the current script will likely bring about these new characters.

King Shark / Nanaue

The humanoid shark could make for a very cool look on the big screen, but will it work? Fans of The CW’s The Flash have seen him appear on the TV series, and he’s actually worked really well in terms of looks and in terms of his chemistry with the other characters.

Polka-Dot Man

A super-villain of Gotham City — and one of Batman’s arch-enemies — Polka-Dot Man can turn his colored spots into fireballs and other weapons of destruction.


While Ratcatcher is a human male in DC Comics canon, Collider reveals that the character will actually be a woman in the Suicide Squad sequel. The former exterminator turned into a criminal who can talk to, and control rodents. She frequently makes Batman’s life very difficult.


Ever imagine someone who loves and cherishes peace so much that they would be willing to kill to achieve it? Well, that would be Peacemaker — and he’s going to show up in the sequel as well.

No word yet on who may end up being cast in these new roles, but these are some interesting choices being made by James Gunn. It’s certainly looking like the sequel to Suicide Squad may be more fun than the original.