‘Mad About You’ Reboot Is Happening- On Spectrum Originals

Mad About You was a sitcom that aired on NBC from 1992 to 1999, starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a New York City couple. The show was co-created by Reiser and spent much of its run as one of the most popular sitcoms on television.

There have been rumblings for a couple of years about a reboot of the show, and now it’s officially on. Deadline reported Wednesday that Mad About You will return as a limited series, with both Reiser and Hunt on board. The show is expected to return later this year.

The twist is that the series will air not on NBC, but on Spectrum Originals, which is the premium content platform of Charter Communications. The show is being produced by Sony Pictures Television, with veteran TV producer Peter Tolan as showrunner. The Spectrum Originals deal, per TV critic Alan Sepinwall on Twitter, means that the new show will only be available to those who are subscribers to Spectrum-owned cable companies.

The planned revival had been in limbo for nearly two years, with Sony Pictures seeking to find a partner for it.

“We are so excited to finally be doing this and thrilled to have Peter Tolan as our fearless captain,” Reiser and Hunt said in a statement issued to the press. “We promise you the same funny and heartwarming show – as soon as we can remember what’s funny about being older. It’s going to be great!”

Tolan is the writer of such films as Analyze This and Analyze That and was also a writer for the popular 1990s TV series The Larry Sanders Show and Murphy Brown.

Arriving 20 years after the original series went off the air, the new Mad About You will focus on Paul and Jamie (Reiser and Hunt) as empty-nesters, as they deal with their daughter Mabel, who was a baby in the original series. Janeane Garofalo played Mabel as an adult in a flash forward in the original series finale.

Mad About You, during its original run, was nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy five times but never won, although was a four-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Lead Actress. Hunt later also won a Best Actress Oscar for her work in As Good As It Gets.

Reiser briefly starred in a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style NBC sitcom called The Paul Reiser Show, but the series was canceled after only two episodes in April of 2011.

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