‘Married At First Sight’ Recap For AJ And Stephanie: Stephanie Worried About His Temper

According to a report by Us Weekly, Married at First Sight star Stephanie Sersen is concerned about new husband AJ Vollmoeller’s temper, and AJ’s blaming it on the show.

Being together has done wonders for both Stephanie and AJ, and the two seem to be falling fast towards being madly in love with each other.

Us Weekly reported that last week’s episode saw the couple having a wonderful time together on their one-month anniversary. AJ appears to be enjoying his marriage to Stephanie and said she’s made him a whole new man.

“I want to be in love with Stephanie and I feel like that’s soon to come. Having a wife in my life really brought an element of happiness to my life that I was missing.”

Stephanie revealed she felt very similar about AJ, saying she’s “very optimistic” about their future and “being together forever.”

Their night together was romantic and filled with public displays of affection that showed the two were growing very affectionate for each other. But like any other marriage, especially one where the couple has literally known each other for only a month, there’s always room to grow and things to improve upon.

Tuesday’s episode revealed that underneath Stephanie’s optimism, there’s a lot of concern about AJ’s temper and he didn’t seem to hold himself accountable for it.

The two watched footage of AJ losing his cool over various things and instead of internalizing the moment and acknowledging there could be an issue, he blamed the show itself.

He said that being on Married at First Sight adds a layer of drama an unnaturalness that wouldn’t be present in a regular marriage. Without letting Stephanie state her opinions on the matter, AJ declared that she agreed with him and suggested that he should be permitted to change how the show operates to make things better.

Later Stephanie confronted AJ and revealed that she disagreed with his assumptions that the show was solely to blame for his temper. After a discussion, AJ agreed that he would work on things for her to Stephanie’s delight.

“AJ and I were matched for so many reason. It’s almost perfect because we’re so happy but we know there’s always room for improvement.”

It’s encouraging to see one of the stronger couples on the show working at keeping their relationship healthy and strong in spite of their differences and obstacles.

It could be a matter of excellent pairing by the showrunners or the willingness of both AJ and Stephanie to do what’s necessary for the relationship to work. But in any case, fans are no doubt excited to see what happens next week and if the two can keep things on solid footing and develop a forever marriage.

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