‘Jersey Shore’ Star Snooki Shows Off Growing Baby Bump On Red Carpet

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of The Jersey Shore is pregnant with her third child. While she has been open about her pregnancy on social media, Us Weekly reports that she showed off her growing bump on the red carpet Monday night. She appeared for The Cut’s How I Get It Done event.

In the photo, Snooki is absolutely glowing while she sports a stylish yet comfortable look. A white shirt shows off her growing baby bump, and the reality show star wore a blue sweater over top. She completed the look with a pair of black pants and a pair of leopard-print boots.

Snooki will soon be a mom of three. She already has a six-year-old son as well as a four-year-old daughter. In fact, her daughter looks like she is a budding photographer. Snooki shared a photo of herself to Instagram on Monday, one which showed her wearing the red carpet outfit. She revealed that her daughter, Giovanna, snapped the candid kitchen shot.

Some fans of the Jersey Shore star may wonder if she is adding another boy or another girl to her family. It turns out that she revealed the gender of her baby back in December with the help of her son, Lorenzo. According to People, the reality show star posted a vlog to YouTube regarding the matter of the child’s gender.

The video showed her son taking a baseball bat and using it to smash open a baseball that was filled with blue powder, signifying the gender of the baby. It turns out that Snooki, her husband, and two kids will welcome another baby boy to their family in May.

The Jersey Shore star has been open about her pregnancy on social media. In fact, she even announced her pregnancy via social media! It was around Thanksgiving of last year that she made the big announcement — posting a picture and saying the pregnancy was what she was “thankful” for during the Thanksgiving season.

Back in January, Snooki opened up to Us Weekly about her third pregnancy, one which reportedly hasn’t been the easiest.

“I’m super nauseous, much more than I was with my other two. I just feel like every day I wake up and there’s something wrong with me. My stomach hurts or I’m cranky and I can’t move and just to need to lay down. It’s really annoying, the pregnancy. It’s not my favorite.”

If she is due in May, that means Snooki has at least two more months of pregnancy before she meets her baby. Hopefully the reality show star’s symptoms will have subsided some in the interim. While she hasn’t revealed if they have, she looked stunning on the red carpet.

If she was feeling uncomfortable, fans couldn’t tell!

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