WWE News: Asuka Possibly Injured At Live Event After Being Dropped Badly On Her Neck/Head

Fans in attendance were quite scared and said it didn't look good at all.

Asuka with the SmackDown Women's Championship

Fans in attendance were quite scared and said it didn't look good at all.

As Monday Night Raw was taking place on the USA Network, the blue brand held a WWE Live Event in New York and a scary situation transpired. SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka is scheduled to face Mandy Rose this Sunday at Fastlane, but they gave the fans a preview of the match tonight. Unfortunately, the match ended in a no contest after a nasty bump for Asuka which has led many to believe she may be badly injured.

WrestleZone reported that at the SmackDown Live event in White Plains, New York, the current women’s champion took on Mandy Rose in a preview of Sunday. After a few minutes, the match was ended early and ruled a “no contest” as something went wrong and Asuka simply couldn’t continue.

The exact moment when she was injured or what happened hasn’t yet been revealed, but fans in attendance tweeted out that Asuka looked rather bad off. It has been reported that during the match, Mandy Rose actually dropped Asuka to the mat and she landed on her head and neck.

Not long after that happened, the referee checked on the champion and ended up calling the match before getting the medical team to the ring. Asuka was said to be “alert” and she walked out on her power, but she was holding her head and it just didn’t look good.

Fans appeared to be truly concerned.

Some video was also captured right after the match was called off as referees were checking on Asuka at ringside.


Asuka and Mandy Rose’s match at WWE Fastlane has been set for quite some time now, but the happenings tonight do leave it in jeopardy. Having Asuka leave the ring and walk out on her own power is a great sign, but she probably went right backstage for some medical examinations.

For now, the match on Sunday is still on, but WWE will likely keep the SmackDown Women’s Champion out of the ring for the rest of this week. She will need to clear a number of medical examinations, including a concussion test, in order to be cleared for a return to in-ring action.

The focus of the women’s division on SmackDown Live is on Asuka as the champion and especially since Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are involved in a feud on Monday Night Raw. Other reports on Twitter say that it was simply a freak accident that happened and nothing that Mandy Rose was obviously trying to do. Hopefully, the injury is nothing too serious and she will not only be alright but be able to compete at Fastlane.