‘The Bachelor’ Fans React To Colton Underwood Seemingly Spoiling His Own Season Ending

Colton Underwood hasn’t said much officially about how his Bachelor season ends, but spoilers have hinted that he’s currently in a relationship with one of his final three women. Colton was recently spotted with someone connected to his rumored final lady and fans have a lot to say about this.

As The Inquisitr detailed a few days ago, Underwood was spotted post-workout hanging out with a couple of guys in Los Angeles last week. The paparazzi photos focused on the fact that one of the guys was singer Jake Miller, missing what many would say was actually the bigger piece of the puzzle.

Spoiler king Reality Steve shared a link to the pictures on Just Jared. As he did, he pointed out that Bachelor Colton was hanging out not just with Jake, but also with actor Gregg Sulkin. While the significance of that wouldn’t mean anything to plenty of viewers, it didn’t take long for social media to react to the photos and pick up on why this seemed important to the gossip guru.

It just so happens that Sulkin is currently dating Michelle Randolph, the sister of The Bachelor finalist Cassie. As Cosmopolitan points out, it would be pretty odd for Underwood to be hanging out with the actor if they weren’t connected by dating sisters.

Fans have seen that Michelle and Cassie are incredibly close. Given that, it just wouldn’t make much sense for Gregg and Colton to be friendly like this if Underwood picked anybody but Randolph.

Naturally, Twitter had a few things to say about these photos.


The timing of Underwood being spotted with Sulkin is especially tantalizing given the spoilers available for Monday’s show. As The Inquisitr has shared, the fantasy suite Bachelor date for Colton and Cassie reportedly ends up as something of a train wreck when she gets cold feet and ultimately decides to quit.

Spoiler guru Reality Steve has indicated that Underwood and Randolph do end up together, despite what happens during the overnights. However, they reportedly are just dating and are not engaged. Given the fact that Colton is hanging out with Cassie’s sister’s boyfriend, it seems that fans can at least look forward to a happy update from the couple after next week’s finale.

So far, it looks like both Colton and ABC are basically ignoring this public snafu. There isn’t much they can do about it now, but the network surely would have preferred that Underwood avoid being seen publicly with Sulkin until the season finale aired.

Will all of The Bachelor spoilers currently swirling about Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph end up being correct? All signs point toward that being the case, but viewers won’t have to wait much longer to find out for certain.