‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Bombshell Tidbits From Colton’s Crazy Episode 9 Overnights

As crazy as Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season has been so far, spoiler guru Reality Steve teases that it’s going to be even crazier over the final two weeks. The next show is set to feature the beginning of the overnight fantasy suite dates and that will air on Monday, March 4. Just what can everybody expect from this one?

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Bachelor spoilers indicate that Monday’s episode was shown during the “Women Tell All” taping that took place a few days ago. Some teasers emerged after that taping, but now Reality Steve is putting all of the puzzle pieces together and he’s revealing some stunning tidbits for the first time.

In his new blog post, Reality Steve drops a bombshell about a big piece of Episode 9. Apparently, Cassie Randolph’s reluctant father Matt will show up in Portugal to talk to his daughter at one point during her next date with Colton. It seems that Mr. Randolph will spend time talking to his daughter between the daytime and evening portion of her date with Underwood and that’s what turns everything upside down.

“Basically, her dad just reiterates what we heard him say last night. The stuff how marriage is a huge step, she’s 23, he doesn’t think she’s ready, she seems hesitant, etc. So yeah, I’d say that plays a major role in Cassie’s decision.”

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Episode 9 plays out as has been anticipated up to a certain point. Tayshia Adams’ date is shown first, and she does spend the night with Underwood.

However, it seems that Tayshia and Colton spent the night talking, not getting all that frisky. Then, Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that she’ll admit that she’s anxious about the next rose ceremony, in great part because Underwood didn’t seem all that “there” during their overnight.

Cassie’s date comes second and it seems the daytime portion goes well. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that during a confessional, Colton will admit he’s totally in love with Randolph and he’s hoping to hear that back from her during the evening. In fact, he apparently even says that he thinks their overnight might be when he finally loses his virginity.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that when Cassie and Colton reconnect for the evening part of her date, she’ll talk about the conversation she had with her father. This will be a lengthy, intense, and emotional conversation that apparently will dominate much of Monday’s episode.

Reality Steve details that Cassie will tell Colton that she loves him, but that she’s not “in” love with him yet. The Bachelor spoilers detail that she’ll spend time talking to a producer as she struggles with what to do next and there will be a lot of tears shed between Randolph and Underwood as he pleads with her to stay.

Underwood will seemingly talk about how he can’t focus on other dates because he only wants to be with her and he begs her to hold off on making a decision. He’ll say that an engagement isn’t as important to him as being with the person he cares about the most, and she’ll admit she’s doubting everything.

Colton will tell Cassie he loves her and wants to choose her, but Bachelor spoilers reveal that she’ll quit the show and leave. Right after that, Underwood will briefly go to his room, take his microphone pack off, push the cameras out of his way, and finally jump the fence.

Until now, Reality Steve hadn’t received the information about Cassie’s dad flying to Portugal to talk with his daughter again. That explains what prompted her to make the decision to leave, and the rest of The Bachelor spoilers the gossip king had shared seem to pan out to be accurate.

Viewers will be left with that cliffhanger at the end of Monday’s show as Colton Underwood jumps the fence, but The Bachelor spoilers detail that there’s still plenty of chaos ahead. Fans will want to buckle up for the ride ahead as it’s going to be a crazier ending than the franchise has ever had before.

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