Apple Revenues Now Account For 20% Of All US Tech Purchases

Apple sales thanks in large part to its iPhone and iPad devices now account for 19.9 percent of all US consumer tech purchases based on revenue. In comparison, despite its massive growth, Samsung accounts for less than 10 percent of all US tech sales.

Apple in 2012 increased its overall share of sales by 2.6 percent. Apple and Samsung in 2012 combined for an increase in sales of $6.5 billion over 2011 numbers.

Much of both companies growth was based on tablet and smartphone sales, the only two tech categories to show any growth compared to the prior year.

According to NPD, notebooks and desktop computers witnessed significant decreases in 2012. Desktop computers fared the worst with an 11 percent decrease in purchases. Desktop purchases had witnessed a nine percent gain in 2011. Notebooks dropped in sales by nine percent in 2012 after a two percent drop in 2011.

Tablet PCs on the other hand increased by 42 percent over 2011 numbers and smartphones picked up 25 percent gains. Given Apple’s huge foothold in both of those technologies, the company was able to increase its market reach.

Also losing out on sales were HDTVs, which witnessed a seven percent drop in revenue. According to NPD, HDTVs sales are “mired in a cycle of declining prices and weak volume.”

NPD does note that upticks in sales throughout Q4 2012 has given them hope for technology sales increases in 2013. When combined the top five tech categories increased sales in 2012 by 53 percent, a four percent increase from the year prior.

Should Apple release its long-awaited Apple TV before the end of the year, the company could once again increase its overall US market share for tech revenue.

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