What You Need To Know About ‘Survivor’ Castaway Returnee Kelley Wentworth

As those who have already tuned into the first two episodes of Season 38 of Survivor know, this season features just four returning castaways who have participated in previous seasons of the show. Kelley Wentworth has previously experienced the unique challenge of entering the game with a target on her back as a returning castaway as this isn’t her first time returning to the game.

Returning for a third time, Jeff Probst has openly admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he believes Kelley has what it takes to win the game of Survivor.

According to Hollywood Life, there is a lot that viewers should know about the returning castaway including the fact that she is recognized as a cutthroat contestant.

The 31-year-old marketing manager hails from Seattle, Washington and defines herself as “independent, expressive, and stubborn,” her CBS Profile reveals.

After two failed attempts, Kelley admitted in her castaway profile on the CBS website that her reason for returning to play again was because it is her turn to win.

Despite being a petite blonde, Wentworth knows how to survive outdoors as she grew up on a farm being responsible for several tasks which included feeding the animals, cleaning up animal feces, and operating farm equipment such as tractors.

Kelley married her husband Arlen Pritchard two years ago, but the couple has yet to have any children.

Returning Castaway Kelley Wentworth competes on SURVIVOR: Edge of Extinction

When speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Wentworth revealed that the lack of having children is part of the reason why she decided to return to the show for one more chance at winning.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen this week’s episode.

Wentworth recognized the fact that returning to the game and being known as such a tough gameplayer left a huge target on her back as she put a lot of faith in her tribe members not to vote her out during the first and second tribal council.

What Kelley may or may not know was the fact that she did come close to going home this week as many wanted to see her leave because of how big a threat she was.

David Wright – the other returnee on her tribe – was one of the tribe members that attempted to orchestrate her eviction as he knew his game was at risk as long as she was still playing.

Only time will tell of Kelley is able to dodge the huge target on her back.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air weekly on Wednesday nights only on CBS.