‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Summer Makes Kyle Pay

Sonja FlemmingCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers do not shock anybody by revealing that while Summer is a match for Lola, she works the situation for all it’s worth to make Kyle pay for his poor treatment of her.

Summer (Hunter King) does not think Lola (Sasha Calle) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) belong together according to The Inquisitr. Since her recent return to Genoa City, Summer has actively pursued Kyle even though he’s made it extremely clear that he loves Lola. Summer’s interference managed to make waves in Kyle and Lola’s relationship, and Lola has broken up with Kyle more than once thanks to the insecurities that Summer wasted no time poking.

When Summer showed up to get tested at the hospital, Kyle was rude at first, but then he was happy she was willing to try. When Summer tells Kyle that she’s a match, he just does not believe it at first. Hunter King recently told Soap Opera Digest about the surprising storyline.

“There’s a part of Kyle that is really hopeful but then he remembers who he’s dealing with and there’s always more to it. So, he has to clarify it a few times with her [to see] if it’s real before he’ll buy into it,” King explained.

Once he finally believes her, Summer admits she’s terrified of the surgery, and Kyle is willing to help soothe her worries. King acknowledged that part of Summer is just milking Kyle for the extra attention, though. He tries to move things into his office, but she suggests the Genoa City Athletic Club instead.

King said, “she wants to set a more intimate tone at the GCAC. She and Kyle do you have some nice memories there together.”

Summer wants to make sure Kyle pays a bit for all the mean and nasty things he’s recently said to her. After all, she’s about to undergo a risky surgery to help save the woman he loves.

“She’s trying to make him feel a little badly. There may be some truth to what she’s saying about her feelings of being hurt, but there are also motives, so it’s always both ways with Summer,” said King.

While nobody believes Summer is altruistic, it honestly does look like she will try to help save Lola’s life. Interestingly, King revealed that Summer is always unpredictable, but this time she does not do what everybody thinks she will do. Who knows? Perhaps that will win Kyle over in the end. Maybe he’ll even decide to marry Summer.