Hailey Baldwin Shares Sweet Photos And Tribute To Justin Bieber On His 25th Birthday

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber attend NYFW.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Hailey Baldwin has joined in with millions of fans to wish her husband, Justin Bieber, a very happy 25th birthday.

Earlier today, the model took to her Instagram account to share two sweet photos of herself and Justin while telling him that “25 looks good on you.” In the first of two photos, Justin can be seen looking off into the distance with a smile on his face and Baldwin hugs him from behind and looks into the camera. Both Bieber and Baldwin are wearing black beanies with smiley faces and they appear to be really happy.

The second photo in the series shows the pair in the same outfits but this time they’re outside in the snow. Justin is rocking a long-sleeved white shirt as he puts his arms around his wife and looks like he’s about to plant a big kiss on her lips. Hailey also puts her arms around Justin and closes her eyes as she rocks a huge smile on her face, flashing her pearly whites.

So far, the model’s post has earned her a lot of attention from followers with over 1 million likes in addition to 14,000 comments and growing by the second. Some fans commented on the photo to gush over how adorable the couple looks while countless others commented on the post to wish the pop star a happy birthday.

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25 sure looks good on u lover.. ????

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“The sweetest couple on earth,” one follower wrote.

“I want to cry I love the best couple of the world.”

“U guys are so sweeties. Please my heart can’t take this much beautiful,” one more chimed in.

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25 sure looks good on u lover.. ????

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And luckily, it seems like Justin’s 25th birthday has been a really great one. Earlier today, The Inquisitr shared that Justin is doing really well following his battle with depression. A source close to the singer says that Justin is in a really good place after seeking treatment after he was “struggling” and “feeling down.” Now, Bieber has turned things around and he’s feeling a lot more positive.

“He’s in a really good place,” an insider dished. “He’s got all the money he will ever need, and he’s starting to really center himself and focus on his future.”

Though Justin was seeking therapy shortly after his marriage to Baldwin, it was reported that the issues he was dealing with were “deep rooted” issues and they have nothing to do with Hailey or being married. Now, Justin is focusing his energy on the positives in his life rather than the negatives and he seems to be on a great path.

It is unclear how Bieber and Baldwin are celebrating the singer’s 25th birthday.