R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend, Halle Calhoun, Says She Was Physically Abused During Their Relationship

Recently, Halle Calhoun, who is R. Kelly’s former girlfriend, made a few public statements claiming that the disgraced singer had physically attacked and abused her while they were still a couple.

In 2017, when Calhoun was about 19-years-old, she was living with R. Kelly. One night she went to one of his concerts to support and cheer on her boyfriend. When Kelly’s performance was completed, he came to see her backstage. Apparently, that is when things between the couple took a turn for the worst. Kelly accused Calhoun of looking at another man, creating a situation that escalated, according to TMZ.

Calhoun admits she became angry first because the accusations were not true and Kelly continued to instigate. So, she made the first move and shoved him away from her. Kelly was quick to retaliate and pulled at clothing she had on around her neck. Calhoun was wearing her favorite necklace, a cross pendant that belonged to a family member, and Kelly yanked at her neck hard enough to break the necklace. Then, he threw her petite frame into a wall. Several people were present when the fight happened, with witnesses that included Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, according to TMZ.

Apparently, the incident between Calhoun and Kelly that happened backstage was also not the only violent fight that took place between the couple. Sources close to both Kelly and Calhoun have stated, according to Countz Lifestyle, that there were at least two other times that the couple got physical. During one of those altercations, Kelly is supposed to have slapped Calhoun at a hotel, once again thinking she had looked at some men that had walked into her line of sight.

Kelly still has his defenders, however. One source that is close to him came to his defense and said Kelly is not violent. In fact, the source also claimed that if Kelly had ever done anything like that before, somebody probably would have caught it on video by now, according to Countz Lifestyle.

At the time of the backstage altercation between Kelly and Calhoun, Calhoun had been living with Kelly for over a year. By the end of 2017, Calhoun had had enough of Kelly’s antics, and she wound up leaving him. She now lives back in her home state of Georgia, and she is dating a new man, rapper Rocko. Calhoun has told the media she is much happier now, and very glad she left her relationship with Kelly behind.

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